Two Saints

There has been two bomb explosions in Saint Petersburg’s (Russia’s the second biggest city) underground subway. 

Please keep people of St. Petersburg in your prayers, because this is really scary.

Here’s hotline numbers:

+7 (812) 299-99-99 — crisis hotline of State Institution of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg
+7 (495) 983-79-01 — help desk of State Institution of Emergence Situation
+7 (499) 216-99-99 — helpline of State Institution of Emergency Situations 

Shoe Shopping

Thomas Chabot x Reader

Team: Ottawa Senators

Warnings: None? A bit short

POV: Second Person

Can you do a really cute Thomas Chabot one, maybe where he’s being protective or something like that

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You didn’t notice the flirting, you thought you were just getting really nice service. Doesn’t everyone receive a compliment from the person working the store? 

Doesn’t everyone get offered a discount and a phone number?

“Do you need anything else?” The guy asked for the millionth time, giving you a smile and putting his hands behind his back. 

“No,” You responded. “I’m good, thank you.” You said as you sat down and set the box of shoes next to you. 

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Uh, chaps? Valentine’s Day was yesterday
… never mind.


Two arctic wolves posing by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
These two arctic wolves were pretty fairly posing well!

Season 2 Episode 6

Also known as “Oh gosh I love Oikawa so much”.

So here we are, after the most painful fight in this series. Our protagonists don’t talk to each other anymore and the trust they used to have on each other has vanished.

This leaves us in a very awkward situation, right? But none of them is going to stop trying to improve and become the best.

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