This tweet was posted on the MPC twitter site. The photo is the MPC core team - Alex, Sam, John, and Jordana -  after a very successful first ever MPC gathering in Glasgow. I have been a member of MPC for 2 years. I have read some of the criticisms of MPC and some of the posts have made me laugh…rumors of me not having a sense of humor have been greatly exaggerated. Absolutely there are some folks who have joined MPC as an attempt to fulfill some fantasy…who among us ever has entirely pure motivations for everything we do? But I personally do not know any of those folks. I have gotten to know several wonderful women in MPC, many of them among our tumblr group. The women I know joined MPC because they wanted to improve their health and fitness, or lose weight, or start an exercise routine, or support Bloodwise  - that was my primary motivation because I am in remission from a blood cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma). I am also always on the lookout for nutrition and exercise programs that I might be able to encourage my patients to try…I did not want to recommend MPC without giving it a try myself. I unequivocally recommend MPC - it is an outstanding program and the annual fee of $99 makes it so accessible. Those who wish to join but need financial assistance are helped by an “Angel.”

With their permission, I just want to tell y’all about three of the Peakers I have come to know. One woman has lost over half her body weight. She has regained confidence in herself, is able to play with her children, and is no longer struggling to make it through each day. Another woman was able to fit in the rides at DisneyWorld for the first time in her adult life. Her children had always wanted her to ride with them but she used the excuse of having motion sickness rather than telling them she would not be able to fit in the rides. And another woman has normal blood pressure and normal blood tests for the first time in 20 years, so has been able to stop all medications. 

I am grateful to Sam for having the desire to help others be healthy and fit, and at the same time supporting blood cancer research. The folks I have come to know don’t spend much time on the MPC Facebook page - they do the program and connect with other members in their local area or via their own Facebook page. They certainly are not looking to have a close relationship with Sam 🙄. I know that is the motivation for some members, but not for most. Obesity is an epidemic in the US as well as in much of the “developed” world. I celebrate and support any and all sound programs attempting to lessen the burden of obesity and its comorbidities, help folks regain their health, and believe in themselves and their innate goodness. 

  • Trust Issues: Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Extreme Anxiety: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo
  • Insecurity: Libra, Cancer
  • Stubbornness: Taurus, Aquarius
  • Constant Need for Attention: Leo, Gemini, Aries

A man was photographed seconds after he heroically pushed his fiancee out of the way of an incoming car and broke his leg in the aftermath of the Charlottesville rally. 

Marcus Martin, 26, was a counter-protester at the tragic day’s events, marching the streets with his fiancee Marissa Blair, 27, and their friends on Saturday afternoon when a Dodge Challenger suddenly rammed into the crowd, Martin didn’t hesitate to push his bride-to-be out of the way, resulting in him getting hit by the accelerating vehicle.

Martin was photographed in mid-air seconds after he saved Blair’s life, and other
photos reveal that when the car backed up over him, his shoe was dragged off.

Amazingly, Martin survived the ‘intentional’ car crash but sustained a broken leg in the horrific incident, as Blair live-streamed the entire event on Facebook.

Speaking exclusively to the, Blair revealed the moment Martin pushed her out of the way, saying: ‘He saved me then he was under the car.‘