Germany Looking To Regulate Game Broadcasters Like Television Broadcasters

24 hour game broadcasting might soon come under government regulation, at least in Germany.  Regulators there have told broadcaster PietSmietTV they must apply for a broadcasting license by April 30th or discontinue the broadcast. The regulators argue that the gaming broadcast meets the definition of a broadcaster -   a “linear information and communication service” for the public and not solely for personal use.  Peter Smits, who founded PietSmietTV, is respecting the decision (I’m guessing by applying for a license - I don’t think they’d just shut down with over 7 million followers).  No word on where the FCC weighs in on this issue.

(via Engadget)


This has been bugging me for a long time. Most Smash streamers use the L-shaped layout for their streams. L-shape layouts are meant for 4:3 SD games like Melee or PM. Smash Wii U is a 16:9 1080p game with smaller characters than normal fighting games.

The white border I’ve created here is the max amount of space you can cover the game by without detracting any information and also keeping symmetrical. This is how you guys should be streaming a 16:9 video game. I get that some people like to keep themselves casual but it’s clear a lot of streamers just don’t know what they’re doing. So I’m going to list some obvious things to watch out for when planning your stream layout.

  • Social media links don’t belong on your stream. You have all the space below the stream. They don’t have to be on your layout.
  • Do not list the last 200 people that donated. Scrolling text is good. 
  • set your webcam’s resolution to 4:3. 720p webcam resolution eats up a LOT of your computers resources. If you have audio lag or cracking/popping on your stream, this is very likely why.
  • Have a layout designed specifically for when matches are going on and for post/pre-match. The match layout can be minimalist while you can fill all your information/sponsors you want on the post/pre-match layout. This is the most professional advice I could offer.
  • putting your chat on screen is kind of silly but again stick that shit onto a layout meant for pre/post-match. The reason it is really bad for being during a match aside from space is it creates a lot more movement on screen, meaning the stream is going to get really blurry and artifacts will be noticeable and it’s just a mess.
  • 1280x720. 3500 kb/s. 60fps. This is the Twitch standard. If you can go higher and don’t care about Twitch’s limits (cause they don’t seem to enforce them too well) then 1980 x 1080. 4000 kb/s. 60fps. If you can’t stream at this high bitrate, lower your resolution as well. 
  • It’s okay to shrink the game down a little bit, but remember that the games that L-shaped layouts are even meant for are up-scaled to fit into the L-shape. Meanwhile, you guys are shrinking your game.
  • Make sure you have the right microphone set in your program. I’ve come into a lot of streams of people with their USB mics or headset mics clearly present in their webcam however the stream is clearly using some webcam microphone or built-in mic. 

I hope this helps people out. Please share this post with anyone who’s looking to/actively to stream Smash Bros Wii U or just stream in general.