Hello Everyone!

I’ve been quiet this past week and I want to apologize for that! We are settling down and our furniture is coming today! I also wanna say that the internet here is AMAZING!
That being said I can finally actually begin streaming! As well as continuing to upload videos on my Youtube!
My plan is to Stream on Twitch Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, at 7 PM PDT (9 CST, 10 EST)
I have yet to choose which day, but one day would be for art, in this stream you can make suggestions as to what I should draw! Steven Universe Characters, ships, etc etc.
Another day, would be videogames! Maybe multiplayer so I can play with my friends! Like Overwatch or HoTS! You can also suggest other games for me to play, and I will try to get them for it! I’ll be setting up a gamecapture so I can stream from my PS4, PS3, Wii U, and Wii!
The last day, (I’m thinking Sunday) would be a retro game day, where I play old games! (Like I’m thinking of Paper Mario TTYD as my first one!). Again, suggestions for such games are extremely welcomed!

For Youtube, I’d record in the week. I am thinking one video to be art related, like art tutorials or speed paints, and the other would be a game. As for what to do art on or what to play, suggestions are,again, welcome! I was thinking of picking up on some games I started, but again, its what the populous would like! 
If everything is settled by today, I’ll start streaming today! So please come check out my channel! (I fixed it up and made it all cute!)
(the link to my Youtube is there too) 


LET’S GO, ASTROS!! (Isky has been reminded to also say AND DODGERS!! in this post) Here’s tonight’s line-up - 

11PM Eastern, 8PM Western - Aniyoshi and Katasku make mayhem, kick some balls with cars, avoid starving, enter dungeons, shoot flowers and genies and frogs, and who knows what else! It’s the Cofounder Couch Co-Op, coming at you live at Twitch.TV/UniG33k! 

Schedule subject to change. If you like what we put out, please hit the follow button on our channel and opt in for notifications - maybe throw bits at our face if you’re so inclined. 

The Geek Universe for the Universal Geek!

Twitch Streaming!!!

Hey, everybody! I have a couple of announcements to make. For starters, I’ve decided to actually use my Twitch page for streaming (what a novel concept). As a lot of you probably know, YouTube has become increasingly difficult to work with, and I’ve seen a lot of people start moving over to Twitch.

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