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BD4PP 2016!

It’s that time of year again! The donation drive is on! Join Dave, Graz, Ian (and friends!) on Saturday, November 5th for 25 hours of deadly and dangerous streaming in support of Planned Parenthood!



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BD4PP 2016! was originally published on Fast Karate for the Gentleman


I decided to vary the usual post a bit and post info about where I spend most of my not-at-work time - my room. Just a bit of background on me - I’m a bit of a tech nerdie, but don’t program. I can build a computer after studying my friend do it several times, and it’s not as hard as it sounds. More so, I’m kinda weird. I like Dragonball for instance since I started watching it in the early 90′s, but don’t really watch other anime. Another example, I like some of Justin Timberlake’s music, but not a ton of it. Those are examples, really, but you get the idea.

 Back a couple years ago, I decided to give streaming a try on twitch. So, I slowly saved up some cash, built myself an upgraded pc, and decided to turn my old one into a streaming pc. I made a few unnecessary purchases, but for the most part, I did well here, and maybe I’ll post a how-to sometime if people are interested. It’s not that complicated, and leaves your gaming PC to do what it needs to do - game, and your streaming PC does what it sounds like - encodes and streams what it sees from your gaming PC, which takes up a lot of resources and allows you to game much easier. Plus, thanks to Synergy, I’m able to use one mouse and keyboard for both computers. Very handy.

 Once I get further into my transition, I will likely start streaming again. I say to heck with my voice, it’s never going to be great, but no less, I will stream as a female. To anyone who wants to cause anything, that’s what the ban button is for. I even got lucky and Lanabean was available for a Twitch name, which I was surprised.

 Pictured, you have my left monitor, which is currently hooked up to my streaming PC which is not pictured down to the left. The lower middle and right monitors are hooked up to my gaming PC, which is barely pictured to the lower right of my top picture. You can also see my microphone just above my middle monitor. The monitor above everything is just my TV, which is currently hooked up to my PS4 and cable. Just in front of my left monitor (below), you can see my mixer. I have my headphones hooked up to it as well as my microphone. Having a mixer, even for general use, is very nice as you can control the volume of everything you want with just a turn of a knob.

 Pictured above the right monitor is a few games, and a number of music CD’s I have been meaning to give away or donate for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to it. Above the left monitor you have some TV series - Smallville, some Dragonball, News Radio, Gilmore Girls and some others not pictured.

 On my desk up front, you have the voice remote from Comcast they sent me a few weeks ago even though I never requested it and haven’t even taken it out of it’s box yet. You can barely see some rubber bands that the tech from my last HRT visit gave me, because she’s fabulous - they’re cheerleader shaped rubber bands that never go out of shape. So nice! Though, when you try to go the website on the package, it just goes to a Korean website that apparently has to do with less than innocent things. I tried twice thinking I mistyped it. Hm.

 Anywyay, just a few games, wallet, a few unused napkins, notepads and a few miscellaneous other things on my desk. The wallet will eventually become something cute or a purse. Or both. Whatever.

 Anyway, this was a generalized short post compared to what I could have written about in detail, but as it’s a week night and I’m tired from work, and I don’t want to put y’all to sleep, I’ll keep it at that. I even have a number of videogame consoles I have posted about in the past - I can get into more detail on that as well!

 Hope you all have had a fabulous day, and may the rest of your work week be great!

  - Lana



On 10/20/2016 we did our very first public stream!  We played Monster Rancher 2 for about 3 hours.  This video is hour 1.

Highlights below the cut!

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CGC Concept  Twitch Stream - Creating Custom Emoticons

Artist: Tim Von Rueden (vonn)

Stream starts soon at 2PM CST on Twitch HERE!

This stream is going to be quite different as we are going to create some custom emoticons together! Twitch gave us the opportunity to be partners and with that we are able to create a certain number of these emoticons that you can use in the chat. So while I have a good idea on what a few of them may be, but let’s have around 10 ideas to play with and then as we get more subscribers, we can add more at a later date!

So come join in, share your ideas, and let’s have some fun creating custom emoticons for twitch!


Finally completed! All you Streamers out there that would like to use this for alerts or any sort of flair for your stream, you can totally use it! Only thing I ask is you send them my way somehow! This will be the freebie for everyone, soon I will have the whole cast animated and there will be a store for you all to see. More to come!

How to credit Jermz? Just add one of these links to your page, or message these links to whoever asked about them!


This Mei gif is 100% free to use as long as you are not making a profit.

ie. DON’T make t-shirts and sell them. 

ie. DO make t-shirts and wear them.


Hey guys, so something really shitty happened to me the other day and has caused me to lose faith in yet another notch of the internet. 

Basically, I was streaming on Twitch, Pokemon Blue, an old, not incredibly popular game by the site’s standards, and saw a rush of viewers out of the blue. In fact, more viewers than I’d ever had before (about 25). I thought it was cool and got nightbot working so people could make song requests, and then quickly realized what was going on. 

As racist songs began to play in the queue and chat started to become progressively aggressive and racially geared towards blacks it’s obvious that this was some kind of racist ambush. Allegedly a popular streamer sent her followers to come harass me. 

What’s worse is when I tried to ban them, they would just come back, they were at the point where they were overriding the mod tools and unbanning themselves. Even attempting to silence all typing in the chat failed completely. Finally, they began changing my stream title to LYNCH ALL N*GGERS and I realized I was helpless. 

I decided the best thing I could do was ignore them. And then it happened. After about 3 hours and continuing to try to stay strong and salvage my screen, it happened. TWITCH BANNED ME FOR VIOLATING THEIR GUIDELINES. END OF STORY.

24 hours. I was mad. I tweeted I redditted I sent a support email. But no waves shook. No one cared that people could just invite someone on Twitch, be completely racist, have the target punished, and these vultures would go feed on the next person unpenalized. 

After 24 hours I logged on and I thought things would subside, but no, almost IMMEDIATELY my chat once again was flooded with the same conduct, and I knew the inevitable would happen. Again I fought the good fight for a few hours, enduring emotes of black people being shot in the head, N BOMBS, and other various slurs. Having my stream title changed to horrific things like I DID THE FLORIDA MASSACRE, and I was banned.

PLEASE- I implore you friends, SPREAD THE WORD. I have a feeling this will just be attempted to be swept under the rug. This could be any of you. What good is a site that will allow racism to go unchecked and penalize its patrons. Please get Twitch’s attention, I’m pretty fucken devastated about all of this. Help me out. Please reblog.