Here’s what Cry had to say about his part in Cringemas today. He also talks about how he sees himself in Revelmode.


THANK YOU to everyone who participated “Alex & Dana’s Charity Draw-A-Thon” for Twitter! As promised, here are the stretch goals that YOU earned with your amazing generous donations! Everyone who donated over 30 dollars is on our “Wall of Champions” and everyone who donated over 80 has a random “MiniDoodle” drawn in their honor!

We also selected 5 other donors at random and drew their specific requests.  Inkwell, Gillis, Espurreyes, Tom, & Monica Minikin, these are for you!

Although the stream is done and we don’t be drawing anymore you can still help make a difference HERE!


Man, I can’t wait for the release of Shadow the Hedgehog. That’s what everyone is wating for, right? Yeeaaaaah Shadoooooow

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Just a reminder that we are running a 24 hour Dungeons and Dragons session as a fundraiser to support a young boy called Thomas with Cerebral Palsy.

I am Thomas’ key person at his nursery and I can’t tell you how wonderful and resilient this little guy is. He is always making everyone smile and we would love to return the favour!

It would mean the world to him and his family if you could help him get SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) surgery which is sadly unavailable on the NHS in the UK, and would greatly increase his chances of walking, running and dancing!

This would cost a total of £75,000 with surgery, physiotherapy and aftercare and so as much as you can donate would be incredible!


The stream will take place on Saturday 19th November 2016 from 12pm midday (GMT) until the following Sunday 20th November 2016 12pm midday (GMT) on our Twitch stream:

Follow us on Twitter @24hourtohelptom

We would love it if you could follow us, share, donate and watch us. All of which will help Thomas to dance!

We have some donation rewards and stretch goals too!

We are also releasing awesome t-shirts to buy from the 1st November for £15 + shipping, where around £5 goes to Thomas, and ARE AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY.

Quick Talk About Ryan Haywood.

I was watching a video posted last night, from his streaming of the ‘Neverending Nightmare’ and I was like, ‘Holy shit.’ I’ve watched clips of his streams before, but never actually sat through one. Only because I don’t have the time to really, but I was up late so I said to hell with it. Anyways, RYAN IS SO FUCKING GENUINE LIKE WTF???

Every few minutes he was telling his viewers to stop donating and just sit back and enjoy. I admire that. I really do. Then, when some were still donating like crazy he would just smile and thank them. He then proceeded to thank them for funding his kids college, because that’s what he’s doing with his Twitch money for the most part. Putting it away for his kids.

Idk, man.

I fuckin’ fell in love with Ryan Haywood all over again. 

Shout out to the Stream Dad.