1 Year of Twitch Streaming & A 4 Hour Game Jam

For my 1 Yr Anniversary Twitch Stream last night I got audience input to help design a game. People in chat gave me one noun for what the game is about, one verb for what you do, and one more noun for an item/resource. We ended up with…

Destroy roasted vegetables using chopsticks.

This gif demonstrates what was achieved in four hours, minus all the time spent giving away a bunch of games like Octodad and Stardew Valley!

Game mechanics? Stab only the roasted vegetables to score points. Stabbing fruit will subtract points. Stabbing a tomato is a multiplier for whatever you hit next (and tomato multipliers can stack!). But watch out because the fruit REALLY wants to be eaten and will try to get in the way!

(Download link coming soon…)

PS: I stream every Sunday night in Australia. Don’t miss out on the fun :p 

sombra! my nerd wife <3
as requested from the stream chat today!

probably going to mess around with her hair a bit more later but for now she’s done.

that hand honestly took most of the 6h this took to paint. why do i do this to myself…

good news is that i haven’t saved over my original sized file so this one will be avaliable as a print providing society6 doesn’t have rules about fanart.



GUESS WHO DID MORE GIRLS (i forgot gijinka was the term to use lmao)

  • Twitch is all about havin fun and lettin loose!! She has a lot of strict rules tho for folks she just met/don’t know. 
  • Discord is new but looks tough to let everyone know they can’t push them around. 
  • Paypal is all about business and has no time for games and smokes often. 
  • Kik is all about chillin and talkin shit about random girls she doesn’t even know. 
  • Instagram is super fancy and is all about lookin the best even when she only has $5 in her account.