It’s Kyle MacLachlan’s birthday! One of the rare moments in which I care about a celebrity’s birthday! His work is pretty diverse, and if you haven’t watched anything of his - never fear! There is no wrong place to start. My first exposure to him was through Sex and the City and then Portlandia…and now Twin Peaks. Whatever you do…please do not torture yourself with Showgirls. It just isn’t worth it. (Thankfully my brain voided it out the second the movie ended).

Also, if you’re wondering what these images are from, from top left to bottom right: Portlandia (Mr. Mayor), Blue Velvet (Jeffery), Dune (Paul Atreides), Twin Peaks (Special Agent Dale Cooper). 

the-mad-junker  asked:

spencer reid and penelope garcia from criminal minds and durzo blint from the night angel trilogy!!

i don’t watch criminal minds but i’ve seen spencer reid headcanoned a lot. i’ve never heard of night angel.

autistic headcanon: special agent dale cooper from twin peaks

send me an autistic headcanon and i’ll reply with one of my own