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how would Jyugo and Nico react if they found out that they were twins?

- Nico would be all excited, “Brother!”

- Jyugo would be skeptical, trying to find any way they might look alike.

- After too many questions Nico would begin to think Jyugo doesnt want to be related to him.

- Jyugo tells him that is not what he thought at all. He starts to accept it now.

- “Can I call you Onii-chan?”

- Jyugo would be happy to have a family.

#flashbackfriday with my identical twin @myhandandmyheart , Mom always made us match and curled our hair big as Texas for school pictures. Nowadays we are still grinning that twin grin, and still pseudo-matching in snazzy button ups, she got all the cheekbones though. 🤔