777winemaressong  asked:

So many of these recent questions have been very weighty; let's move on to something lighter: excluding reading, what are some of your favorite ways to indulge yourself?

Ponies are interested in different things, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with discussing heavy topics, but I am here to serve so if you prefer something else I can write about that.

I quite enjoy vanilla ice cream. Especially on a summer’s day, outside in the sun, keeping a protective bubble around the ice cream so it doesn’t melt and drip everywhere. I know some ponies consider vanilla a boring flavor for boring ponies, but it is so commonplace because it’s just that good.

Dancing is also enjoyable. While I don’t keep up with the latest trends, like dabbling or whatever it is fillies are doing now, I have read quite a lot about it. Mostly however, I just like to move to the rhythm. It’s one of the things I don’t think too hard about, it just comes naturally.

I also quite like board games, especially ones with a lot of depth and complexity. It’s just a shame not many others want to read and memorize a 700 page rule book and dedicate several hours to finishing a game session. Though a quicker game with lots of character like Tartarus can be really fun as well.