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how many languages are spoken in equestria? and how many do you speak yourself?

That depends what you consider a language being spoken. Going by the most basic definition of spoken, there are many languages to which words spoken within Equestria’s borders belong. Though usually that is not what is meant.

The official language is Equestrian, of course, and has become a de facto lingua franca. Given the origin of the term it’s perhaps somewhat ironic that Equestrian has almost reduced French to a dead language.

I myself use ancient Unicornian on occasion, as you might have noticed, though that is a dead language and thus generally not considered spoken. Of course, there are many other dead languages, like ancient Pegasean or Old Horse, which that applies to as well.

There are also those who come to Equestria from other places and bring their own language with them. Since I don’t know everypony in Equestria I can’t really know just how many languages are used. I do know Zecora speaks her native Swahinni. Then there’s Yak-yak, and some griffons still use the old Eyrian language.

Myself, I am fluent in Equestrian of course. I used to think I was fluent in ancient Unicornian as well, since I had studied it so much in order to read the original manuscripts without translation guides. Well, fluent in grammar and vocabulary; pronunciation of a dead language is hard to learn.

I write that I used to think so because when I met ponies who were actually ancient unicorns I understood just how little I know. The preserved written language is but a part of the whole. I would still claim to speak it though, just not fluently.

I also know bits and pieces of various languages, primarily older pony ones since that’s what I’ve encountered most in books. It also helps that Equestrian is based on ancient Unicornian and Pegasean, as well as Old Horse and other earth pony languages.