I started watching FiM again and they brought back G1 Moondancer, who was sold as a porcelain figurine with another female pony, Glory, on their wedding day. The figurine is called “Wedding Prance”. So Moondancer is a canon lesbian pony! (It’s also really obvious she had a crush on Twilight)

I have no idea what Glory would look like in G4, so I went for the indie hippie chick look.

I haven’t drawn G4 ponies in a long time so I have no idea how to draw them. If you have any questions about that please watch this video first.

My commissions are open!

I’ve hardly been home at all it feels like, just over two weeks, and it’s already time to leave again. This time because I’ve been invited to Los Pegasus for the Equestrian Literature Assembly, or EQLA for short. It really should have been ELA, and rather bothers me that it’s not. Apparently somepony isn’t familiar with how to correctly form initialisms, but I digress.

In any case, I will be gone for over a week, during which time I will not be answering any letters, as I will be busy discussing Equestrian literature, cultural programs to support struggling authors, how to promote reading and other things. Well, that and I do plan to fit in a visit to Whinnyland. I mean it is Whinnyland, how could I not?

The Equestrian Literature Assembly is open to the public, so others are certainly welcome to join. Do feel free to say hello if you’re there, though you’ll have to excuse me if I’m busy and can’t stay and talk for very long.

I had considered not going, as it was nice to just be home for a while and catch up on my reading. Still, furthering reading and writing is very important, and if I can help in some way, that’s a much better use of my time than reading books I can read any other time. Besides, it is after all a literature event, so it can’t possibly not be fun!


well, i’m done coloring and shading! line-art is by equestrian-citizen

i think i’ll try to stream every weekend, but there are no guarantees. being part of the marching band (color guard, specifically), i don’t have too much free time, and saturdays are often competition days, so i can’t really knock hw out too easily. otherwise, i’ll try to stream every weekend from here on out.