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I have a few questions about Discord, and since you probably have access to historical/magical research books I don't, I'm hoping you could answer them. Do you know how, when and where Discord was born/originated? What are the extent of his powers? For example can he do resurrection or time travel? Lastly, he clearly knows extremely advanced magic beyond you and the royal sisters. Do you think he had to study it or it comes intuitively to him?

Discord is rather resistant to being studied and doesn’t like to answer questions. I asked him about his magic once, which I’ve written about in a previous issue that I recommend you read instead of me repeating myself, and I’ve also asked about his nature.

My studies, or at least attempts at study, haven’t yielded much information, as you never get straight answers, can’t trust the answers you do get, and it seems impossible to get readings from him; the instruments just go haywire.

If you ask him, he’s always existed, just like chaos has always existed. He isn’t chaos itself though, he’s a spirit of chaos, so I doubt he was always around. My guess is he formed gradually from an accumulation of ambient wild magic until strong enough to take corporeal form.

As for time travel, yes, or at least the illusion of it. If he could change history I assume he would have gone back to his first defeat and changed the outcome as soon as he was released. So either it’s the type of time travel that doesn’t let you actually change anything, or it’s an elaborate illusion.

Resurrection, well, I don’t think so. An illusion that gives the appearance of it, certainly, but not actual resurrection. That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing his magic would allow, from an archetypal perspective he’s a trickster, not a healer. But maybe that’s me reading too many novels.

I don’t know the limits of his magic, and I don’t think he does either. As he’s explained it, it’s not a matter of study or control, just following the current. I’m guessing that means what he does often doesn’t have any specific intent, that not even he knows what will happen.

I suppose if your goal is chaos, precision isn’t necessary. Like flailing your hooves wildly in a glassware shop will accomplish your goal if your goal is just to make a mess.

If so, it would certainly explain why he’s been struggling with friendship and harmony. That requires a lot more thought and intent. You can’t just accomplish friendship by trying things at random.

Oh you thought I’d forgotten about this artist collab series thing? Naah I’ve been busy drawing other horses for con prep. But it looks like @silfoearts, aka @royalsketchbook, is helping me get back to the swootie this time and god bless

I actually learned a lot from just working with silfoe’s sketch, holy cow she knows how to draw legs that *aren’t* marshmallow. Unbelievable. I mean look at that sweetie’s legs! I always edit collab sketches to try to mix a bit of our styles, but I couldn’t touch those things, they’re perfect! And get this, she can draw ponies with *eyebrows*. I can’t do that I don’t have that kind of technology. Anyways safe to say I really loved working with her sketch not only because I can now… steal… a few style things, but also because it was cute as hell. Wanted to tie in with her blog stuff so the idea was that Sweetie is being babysat by Twi/Luna while Rarity runs around doing canterlot things. I think they’d make for pretty good parents, it’s almost as if a wedding is coming up on royalsketchbook or something.

Anyways, thanks again Silfoe! As for all y’all, enjoy some pretend princess sweetie with not pretend princess princesses