And there it is, my favorite MLP ship - TwDash ^.^! I just find those two soo cute together! Please, ignore the crappy cutie marks, I was kinda in a hurry. This is the first time I’m actually drawing them together like that, too. And also, I have no idea what the book is about btw, so it’s up to you x3. 

 One last thing - I gotta admit I’m kinda sorry (or very sorry) for drawing stuff like that… I mean, this is yuri, not hetero. I know that hetero is the right way, but for some reason, I have only one hetero ship. I just… don’t like it as much as yuri and yaoi for some reason ._.. Okay, I really feel guilty, but what can I do? Can’t resist it anymore. 


An amazing anon asked to see my top 10 favorite G4s, and here they are!

Fashion Style Princess Luna~Talking White Princess Celestia~Shining Armor~Fabric-winged Princess Twilight Sparkle~Holly Dash~Through the Mirror Sunset Shimmer~Mrs. Cake~Star Swirl~Rainbow Power Pinkie Pie~Cupcake