The first trailer for Equestria Girls: Legends of Everfree

The debut will be on October 1st on Netflix.

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Do you have a dark side?

I suppose we all do. I’ve certainly had moments when I’ve not taken others into account, only cared about my own desires. I have done some unsavory things in my time.

In fact, I do have a confession to make. It’s quite the awful crime and I am not proud of my actions, but I suppose actually having it out in the open might feel better. I do hope you won’t think I’m a terrible pony for it though, it might be quite a shock and horrifying but I would think my other actions make up for it.

Well, here goes, I suppose…

Sometimes, after I’ve gone to a library and borrowed a number of books, I take so long reading them that I don’t return them within their due date! And I don’t mean I forget, I actively choose to keep them longer because I want to read them, knowing full well I am breaking the rules and potentially depriving somepony else of those books! It’s a terribly selfish thing to do, yet I always manage to rationalize it somehow.

It does actually feel better having written that. Now I just need to work up the nerve to actually send this letter. I’m concerned about what the reaction will be, but I do admit I am also somewhat curious. It is a bit exciting!

(( hehee~ I couldn’t help but to draw psychotic twi and vanity~ also I really like vanitys design~ and I tried my best with her mane, but well, im not good with curly manes~ I hope you like it >w< *boop* ))


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Mod Elixer: YOOOOOO!!!~ OHMYGOD LOOK AT THEM!!~ I LOVE YOUR STYLE WOAHHHH!!~ You drew Vanity’s curls so well- I LOVE IT!!~ Thank you so much for the awesome art!~ You’re awesome!!~ x33

Librarian Twilight & Pinkie Pie
If you’re interested in purchasing them or have any questions send me a message!
Librarian Twilight – $160 +shipping
Pinkie Pie – $120 +shipping


These are the last two ponies left from BronyCon 2016 this year! We did wonderfully at the con but poor Twi! So many asked for her but none claimed her (I have a sneaking suspicion that leaving early Sunday was partly to blame). I hope you guys are interested!




Netflix eh? Looks like I know what I’m doing October 1st :3