Finally reading Breaking Dawn and god all the pregnancy stuff is so disturbing to me now even more than it was before… Twilight book one would have been amenable enough to a “queer” reading, with wishful thinking, but the foundation of the series truly is compulsory heterosexuality.

In what world is any of the Twilight books “queer reading?” The whole series is about a bland protagonist with nothing to define her except for being conventionally attractive and “special” to a vampire boy and a werewolf boy!

It’s a typical young adult romance novel mixed with vampires. It’s not the literary classic that some people think it is but still, lighten up. I mean I need to lighten up too but still.


You know what I’ve been thinking about lately and please correct me if I’m wrong because I definitely did not google this, but in breaking dawn after Bella gives birth to Nessie she mention that she bites her when she’s holding her for the first time. And later when they meet Nahuel they mention that he bit his aunt when he was born and turned her into a vampire. Can you just imagine a baby with teeth? Like the thought of a vampire baby isn’t terrifying enough now they gotta to add teeth.