“Watching the sun is never be as beautiful when you were here with me.” - Anneli (My OC)
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Request: Caius scaring his human mate

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Caius was livid, screaming at the top of his lungs. He was not angry at you yet he was still scary enough to make you cower, tears filling your eyes.
If you were entirely honest…you didn’t feel safe.
“Brother you’re scaring (Y/N). Aro said gently as Marcus patted your arm. Caius swiveled to face you. His anger still evident. “Well then they are being ridiculous.” He snapped. Your jaw trembled slightly. “Leave!” He barked at you and you walked out the room quickly. Tears streaming as you wiped them away frantically.

Aro nodded to the twins when Caius wasn’t looking and they slowly left the room. They knocked twice before entering your room. They found you sitting on your window seat, blocking your face with your hand from their view. They heard your shaky breathing. They saw your stiff form.
“Are you alright?” Alec asked.
“… I-I’m fine.”
“Are you certain? It doesn’t look like it.” Jane replied.
“Yes, i’m f-fine.”
“Well if you insist.” The two left the room.

You heard someone enter about half an hour later.
“Cara mia?” It was Caius. You kept your eyes trained on the window, not even allowing yourself to blink.
“Yes?” You said carefully and quietly.
“Look at me.” He said gently. You shook your head, you didn’t trust your voice very much. “I-I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“Look at me.” He said softer. You twisted away from him feeling tears beginning to build. You felt a large cold hand place itself on your neck and pull you back to lean on a solid body, tilting your head up. Caius’ head hovering above yours. “Look at me.” He begged quietly. You did so.
“I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve that.” The rest of the night was spent in silence and in Caius’ unrelenting hold. You fell asleep and he still didn’t let you go.
 He’d never let you go.

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Can you do the burning method of teleportation without destroying the original, like for when you need a buyer and seller copy of a document? And if so, have tests ever been done on living creatures to see if cloning worked? I like the mirror pool can create life, it would be interesting to know if the copy/construction spell used would also be able to handle it (starting small with plants and then insects, of course, you wouldn't want to clone ponies without being sure they'd both be fine!)

Duplication is a different kind of spell, as that is not an equivalent exchange. It’s related to creation ex nihilo although it does share traits with reconstructive teleportation.

Copying is not done on living creatures for ethical reasons. Whether both parties will be fine is irrelevant, it’s still considered a faux pas and is not attempted. There could be benefits, though there are also many moral issues, especially for friends and family of the cloned.

For future reference, the mirror pond cannot create life. The copies are not alive any more than a puppet is alive. Much like how a puppet may move because something is controlling it, but it is still inanimate nonetheless, the clones appear alive but are just a form being manipulated by another entity.

For those interested in further detail, my research has concluded that the mirror pond contains spirits who seek to gain corporeal form in order to experience the outside world, as their spirit form is bound to the pond. They can only gain such a form by copying the form of another. The spirits are alive in some sense, though perhaps not what we usually consider life, but the forms they take are not.

If the copies were in fact alive, then destroying them would have been tantamount to murder. I destroyed quite a lot of them, so if you think they were alive, then I wonder what you must think of me. Rest assured though, all I did was send the spirits back to the pond, nopony died.

Request: Jane is obsessed with you part 2

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Jane sat on her bed watching you. You sat on the floor on the other side of the room, pressed against the wall.
“Don’t make me come over there and get you.”
You didnt move. Jane exhaled before crawling across the bed-
“No! What do you want!?” You cried shielding your body with your hands.
“What do I want? What makes you think I want something?”
“Why else would I be here?” You sobbed. “Because I like you, and I want you here.” “Why!?” You cried exasperated.
“Stop asking why.” Jane answered crawling closer to you before sitting in front of you, her knee length skirt spread out. Her white tights a complete contrast to her black skirt. She leaned forward, leaning on her hands.

She was almost straddling you, she was so close, smelling you. You thought she was going to kiss you, she was so close. “Are you scared?”
You nodded. “I’m terrified.”
She hummed. “There is no need to be terrified.” She ran her nose up your neck, it would have tickled if you weren’t scared out your wits. “However, your fear can remain. It means you’ll stay in line.” You felt her lips brush your neck before she began to nuzzle you slightly. “It means you won’t anger me.” She paused before she carried on. “When I’m angry, I hurt people…and I don’t want to hurt you (Y/N). Can you understand that?”
You slowly nodded.
“Good, my sweet.” Jane grabbed your shoulders and pulled you in for a bruising kiss. You squealed against her mouth losing balance, landing harshly on your elbows. Jane ran her hands down your arms grasping your wrists and tugging forcing you to fall on your back as she fixed herself on you. You felt pain in your shoulders from the fall.

This kiss wasn’t to be enjoyed, it was to show dominance, it was to show that every aspect of you was hers and she had no problem violating your wishes. She’d break you if she must. Despite the harsh kiss, there was one thing that was clear. This was your reward. You complied and this is what you’d get. ‘please…help me.’ You thought to yourself.

Request: Angels Could Be Bad (Alec x Reader)

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Oh god, I’m going insane!
Chasing after you
Please don’t leave me!
I see your heart washing away
And that’s how you left me in the cold.

‘Hold it together, they don’t have a clue.’
The constant disrespect was beginning to drive you mad. It wouldn’t surprise you if literally no one in this damned castle knew your name. It was always ‘human this’ and ‘human that’.
You didn’t even know if you were human, the unrelenting itch reminded you it wasn’t likely. It had been too long since you let it out and it was more impatient with every passing day. What would Alec think if he found out? Would he be scared? Would be leave you? You were sure he preferred the ‘pathetic human’ over the monster infused one. Yet a part of you was spiteful of that. You’d gladly scare them all. It might give them a lesson, then it would be considered a favour?

It’s pitiful
How you let me lose
You better run, better run
You’re time is out
Nothing you can do
Better run, better run

Even Alec himself knew you as the ‘pathetic human’. He didn’t even treat you decently in private, it was still only him and his beloved sister. No room for you.

Suddenly that itch was worse, so bad you actually showed physical discomfort. Part of you wanted to rip your skin clean off your face. Something was wrong. ‘Let me out! Let me OUT! LET ME OUT!

I can remember you hurt me so bad
But now the tables turn
Apocalypse is coming!
I can remember when you left me, so sad
But in the end I learned It rains in hell
And angels could be bad

The doors opened. The Volturi were restrained by newborn vampires that they had done wrong.

You walked in, head low, slowly walking to the other side of the room.
“Oohh yummy.” A male newborn licked his lips and Alec hissed. The newborn with a confidence started to walk up to you.
“Wait a second!” A female newborn called out. “There’s something not right about them…”
“It’s a human, it’s probably sleepwalking.” The man laughed, taking another few steps.
“No, leave it!”
“We’re vampires Laura, humans can’t hurt us, their pathetic.” He was directly behind you now.
You jumped turning to him. “Did I scare ya?” You grinned.
“Not even a little bit.” The male grinned back and was about to grab you before you stepped back. “Wanna see a magic trick? I promise you’ll just die when you see it!”
The man chuckled and so did the others behind him. “Go on then, I’ll humour ye.”
You grinned. “Ladies and gentlemen,” you eyed the twins “boys and girls,” the newborns laughed. “Nothing is quite as it seems! Nothing in my hands! Nothing in my hands!” You waved your hands in circles before slapping your hands on your face. The slap echoed.
“What the hell?” A newborn in the back laughed.
You didn’t move before you raked your fingers through your hair and pulled it away from your face with a strength that looked painful.
“What the hell are they doing?” A newborn called out and suddenly the whole room got uncomfortable, because not only did the newborn say it…but you said it too at the exact same time.

Your grin vanished and your eyes turned black like ink blotching paper.
“Woah!” The male newborn stepped back. “I told you, you’ll just die when you see it.” Your voice was incredibly deep and you grabbed him by the neck and pulled his head clean off.
The newborns went forward before ‘Laura’ called out. “Wait! Don’t move!” They froze. “Didnt you see how easy it was for it to rip off his head!? Don’t go near it! We’re not the top of the food chain with this one!”
“Laura…don’t you see? Can’t you see it? This was a mistake… we’re not leaving this room. We’re going to die and this time we won’t come back.”
“There is a special place in hell waiting for you.” You smiled then tilted your head.“Time to go.”

Heads began to roll, limbs dropping into the enormous grate in the middle of the room, screams erupted from the newborns but that newborn was right. No newborn left that room, alive or dead.

Request: Car Accident

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I cant take my eyes off you.’

‘It was an accident, I didn’t think I had much to drink! I didn’t mean to hit anything!’

‘I was driving too fast, if I was driving slower I’d have seen those kids in that car. I’d have been able to stop.’

‘Four youths in a car, driver was heavily intoxicated. Two passengers suffered broken bones, cuts and bruises. One youth got the brunt of the collision and is currently in a coma.
Other car involved had one driver and no passengers. Driver was speeding never saw the other car coming. He only suffered cuts and bruises. Dont think he’ll ever survive the trauma though.’





The machine was helping you breathe, maybe one day you’d breathe on your own.
Your eyes flickered behind your lids, you weren’t there.
Could you hear them? They’d like to think so.

Your friend, the driver, couldn’t stop his tears.
“Don’t cry, we don’t want to upset them.” A visitor whispered. Who was it? Who would you want it to be?

Shouldn’t be drinking. Shouldn’t be driving. Shouldn’t be speeding. Shouldn’t have been in the car. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. They wont wake up. What if they do?

Everyone thought it. Just how did they get here? How did you get here?
Cant change it now, oh how they’d wish they could.
Maybe then, they wouldn’t have to face the mention of paper to let you go and stop the machines, Maybe then, your family wouldn’t face gut-wrenching pain…this was enough pain.

But we’re not finished.

Maybe then your family wouldn’t have to pick your coffin, or watch as you were lowered to the ground.

The Cullens couldn’t stomach the sight of you, yet couldn’t take their eyes off you.
The what-if, swarmed their minds.
The other passengers - your friends, they left. Guilt wasn’t the word for it.
The other driver was a 35 year old business man, he had four kids, a wife. He also had unrelenting nightmares of you and that accident. He’d see you covered in blood, majority of it was yours. Your neck, broken. Head in a brace. Legs and arms covered in casts.
He’d hear every sound again and again and again and again and again and again and again.

The Cullens visited every day, they faced the news of your pending death.
They faced the pain, when you stopped breathing.

‘If only…I could take my eyes off you.”

((Not much Cullen involvement, but hopefully my message is clear. Don’t drink and drive, don’t get into a vehicle with someone under the influence.))


Untold Tales of Surreal Sky

Russia based artist Rhads paints remarkable scenes that borders between surrealism and reality.

The painter paints what may seem like otherworldly scenes, where the ravishing expanse of the sky dominates a good portion of the frame. Rhads experiments with scintillating shades of mandarin, crimson and yellow, with hues of ultramarine, prussian blue and white to depict the sky.

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Friendly Reminder: Naruto and Bleach are not the only series that ended with characters having kids and they won’t be the last. I can’t understand why some people are so upset by endings with families (unless they’re childish & salty over shipping) because it’s been happening forever.

tldr; these type of endings are not uncommon in pop culture. it makes little sense to single out bleach and naruto as if having kids is some reprehensible thing.