Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

  • We all know that Betty Boop makes a small cameo in the Ink & Paint Club but she also appears at the end of the film. Here’s a closer look at Betty in the ending of the 1988 film WFRR. (In one scene she is very happy to see Jessica Rabbit, both sex symbols do not speak to one another in the film but it is referenced that they know one another as they work in the same club, as you can see Betty stands very close to Donald Duck, Tweety Pie and Bugs Bunny, and Donald can be seen getting a little too close, never less it’s wonderful to see Betty with other cartoons from other studios, Snow White also appears but is far away from Betty, and is blocked by other cartoons, like a bear for example.  (I also noticed something weird when Betty gets near Bugs and the carrot… but no comment on that one!)