when the actors who portray my OTP post their season 7 posters seconds apart 💕❄️

and like similar shippy tweet responses to those posters 👁️💕

Nikolaj CosterWaldau: Got something in the eye

and killing us softly by liking other ship tweets ❤️

here’s a bonus

I will never ever ever get tired of seeing Gwendoline and Nikolaj fangirling over Jaime & Brienne in every way, shape, or form! 😍

Hey Wonkru! Want a chance to win an autographed season 4 poster?  Then send us your designs for a season 5 poster.  Tweet your best design @The100writers #The100S5POSTERCOMP.  Submissions deadline is Wed June 14th.  We know that we have the most talented fandom around, so we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

We’ll reveal our top three finalists on June 21st and the winner will be announced June 28th.

DISCLAIMER: Please note this is not a contest to design the official season 5 poster.  


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[The Film Stage tweeted out a poster for the film Stronger, “based on the inspiring true story”, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as an amputee walking along support bars. Jas (pearldriver) responds: “aw, i love ableism”.

another user asks, “sorry could you explain? i would like to know more abt what disabled ppl might find offensive”, to which jas replies, “a disabled actor should be portraying a disabled person. jake isn’t disabled”]


Kent Parson has his life together a solid 40% of the time. That drops to a shaky 30% when the Aces management hires Eric Bittle, recent Samwell graduate and more recent ex-boyfriend of Jack Zimmermann, to babysit his tweeting habits.

posters for @yoursummerfrost ‘s fic Can’t Learn to Leave as a part of my  follower milestone giveaway! (my comments on AO3 took up like a good page) This fic is astounding on so many levels and the setting is just so vivid and present (hence these beauts). If you haven’t read it already go and check it out! 

I’ve got a bit pieced together from the spoilers and some of this’ll draw from stuff other people said and a little I thought of on my own but I’m gonna try to cover a few things all at once. SPOILERS BTW(gonna tag it anyways but just in case)

This is gonna take a little while but I think the place to start would be with what the descriptions of these two specials can already tell us

Right off the bat I’m not the best at translating French but before I go ahead with butchering that translation let’s unpack what the visuals show us. 

For starters there’s several new Akumas and heroes and right off the bat we can recognize all the heroes and a few akuma but it also stands out that Queen Wasp is Queen B and “Malediktor” looks like her dad. So since it looks so similar to her suit as Queen B it seems reasonable to assume that the events of “Le Combat des Reines” take place after “Le Tour des Heros”. 

As for the new akumas, previews have confirmed who The Collector and Troublemaker will be and a few others seem obvious given character designs but a few will obviously be new characters and on the whole would be best explored on their own like how the snowmanlooking one may be why we saw the ice-skating preview; but it also stands out specifically that there are so many Akumas simultaneously thus necessitating the introduction of three new heroes who we know to have each been akumatized before so that alone will either mean that they’re gonna have to be deakumatized before they become heroes or their Miraculouses will protect them.

And that seems like best way to lead up to talking about how several sources who translated the commentaries from the video we got these images from all agree that it was said that Marinette will be the one handing out the new Miraculouses so Alya becoming Rena Rouge is an obvious choice seeing as she already tried to make her Ladybug in the origin episodes and by extension it makes sense for her to give one to Nino as Carapace ore “Shell” as some people have been translating it, but it gives cause for us to wonder why she’d ever trust Chloe to become a superhero. There’s some simple explanations right off the bat like about how it happens during an emergency and she was low on options or it happens after Chloe had already started showing progress towards becoming a better person, but one theory I saw that stood out was that Marinette would’ve originally tried to give it to Adrien but as we all know Adrien already has one so he gives it to one of his oldest friends and I sorta like this not only because it’d show Marinette trusting Adrien with a responsibility she doesn’t know he already has but from her perspective it could look like he gave it up like she almost did. And to further support this, Ladybug would probably b confused if the person showing up with the bee miraculous is obviously not the person she gave it to so I’m gonna bring up a spoiler we got tweeted to us a couple of months ago a short piece of their script:

Here we have Chloe just straight up telling whomever she’stalking to who she is which in the context of Ladybug being confused about why she’s obviously not Adrien makes some sense.

Next things I’m gonna address will have to do with translations from what we see so bare with me and if I’m very wrong please let me know so I can correct myself. 

For starters I can at least read that “Les Tour des Heros” is a 2 part special but the best I could translate the title to was “The Hero’s Turn” which isn’t very helpful. As for the rest of it the picture tells the story about as well as I can try to translate it; there are new heroes and many villains.

‘Les Combat des Reines” translates to “The Combat of Queens” and is described as a trilogy so that paired with the previously statement that the Bourgeois family is being controlled by Style Queen leads me to a few conclusions.

First the plurality of combat of queens make me suspect that the big fight this will ultimately be about will pit Queen B against Style queen with her family at stake.

Next, I already mentioned that this seems like it takes place after the other one so gonna guess that paired with my theory from before that Chloe tells the rest of the team who she is this could lead to some mistrust as most of the rest of the team recognize her as a bully so I think that may be the beginnings of a team divide that ultimately lead here, making it necessary for Chloe to show and prove that as Queen B she can be a hero for reasons that aren’t just because she idolizes Ladybug so much. And beyond that some level of distrust withing the team as a whole is sort of expected because Thomas Astruc was asked to share a spoiler so he tweeted a poster of Captain America: Civil War prompting a panic that the heroes would fight each other about something.

All that aside there’s one final set of theories I thought I’d at least attempt to cover while I’m at this and that is to do with all the Chinese Zodiac Kwamis we saw 

And there’s not really that much concrete information to go off of here but it is known that there’s a planned episode with Ladybug in Shanghai.

Which again doesn’t tell us much, they’re both basically just concept images.

There is however a secondary theory that seemed to spring up out of a bunch of people separately comparing Kwamis they liked to the main cast and what this one boils down to is that the rest of their class somehow ends up with these Zodiac Kwamis; popular theories being that Kim gets the dragon or that Alix gets the snake both based in part on their personalities and the aesthetic of their character designs. For me this idea came to mind when the mouse and/or rat Kwami reminded me of rose because they were both small but someone pointed out that the listed Kwamis leaves out the Rabbit and/or Hare and that they thought she’d be more fitting of that based on how she acts. 

There’s a lot here and I know there’s probably more to share so feel free to add in the comments (assuming I post this correctly). Also if I’ve made any major mistakes then please let me know about that.

hellooo 2017 !!! 10 days into the new year and i’m finally updating , holy shit! Dino skulls i drew while watching Walking With Dinosaurs for what probably was 50th time in my life, available to be tattooed by yours truly if you find yourself in Helsinki, Finland. ♥

this year kicked off real well for me, i’ve already got to do some pretty cool tattoo stuff, which you can check out here, on my insta !! can’t wait to do more ! for regular art WIPs i’ll be using my super ancient twitter, come hang out with me there (2011 me was a fucking dweeb, but i’m keeping the tweets for posterity)!

YEAhhhhh !!! hope this year is a good one for all of y’all! !

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Just saw a $q fan openly say on Twitter that they hate on JMo because she acts like their ship doesn’t exist…

First of all, your ship DOESN’T exist. Not in the context of the story being told on the show itself. It’s something you invented in your own fandom space.

Secondly, hating a real life person for not supporting an imaginary ship on a TV SHOW?! SERIOUSLY?!

Such garbage.

Full list of LoL Esports Blogs

Hello! I’ve seen a lot of asks for LCS/LoL esports blogs, so here’s a list of all the LCS blogs I’m familiar with. Please note that some of these blogs are inactive. I’ll be keeping this list updated on my blog in following>lcs specific blog list.

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