some kid on my facebook wrote the following:

“I don’t want Obama wanna know why? He is saying that if teens get pregnan that he is gonna take them out of school if they want an obortion and get them an abortion without telling their parents! he is also saying if a woman gets an abortion and the kid survies and the girl wants to keep the kid now, he is telling them that the nurses have to kill the kids! He is also saying he doesnt want any disablity people in this world! he is saying if your kid has a disablity under the ages 5 and under that they can kill them if you want! Say you had a kid that had a disablity would you want them dead?! NO!”

idk I just find it amusing

She deleted her status after I asked her where she was getting her information from



1.  I cried!!!!! #owarinoseraph 

  #tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulroota #TokyoGhoulre

2. photo caption reads as follows below: 

“ Drew my rose son. #kanaevonrosewald #TokyoGhoulre #myart” and this was tweented on July 5th, 2015. that is (Jul 5 how it reads on Twitter)

The twitter account is:  Kae@toppledcosplay

 The profile reads as follows below:

“Cosplayer | Aquarius | They/them Next Con: Otakon Expect cosplay plans, updates, progress, and general crying.”

The location of this account is in the USA. 

The website for this twitter account is:  

Well I had tried to get the twitter link on here too for this pic, cause this person has a really cool Twitter account tbh, even though it looks like they have just started up their Twitter account though. 

Plus they do really neat and cool drawings of fan art too, likewise. 

At any rate, I am going to go and follow them now on here before they find me and they beat me down like a dog! lol XD