• Iida: Bakugou! As a hero in training, it would be beneficial if you could try not to curse in public so if you could-
  • Bakugou: Oh, I completely understand.
  • Bakugou: What words do you want me to avoid? Is it things like hell, damn, fuck, shit, bitch, cunt, ass, cock, dick, cock face, dick face, dick head, dickwad, cocksmoker, cock sucker? What about words like tits, pussy, twatch, snatch, clitface, cuntface, thundercunt, dipshit, douchebag, dumbass, dumbfuck or dipshit? I’m sure you’re trying to avoid words like bullshit, bastard, bitchtits, buttfucker, asshole, asshat, assclown, asswipe, jackass, shithead, shitface and whore, right? Are we counting words like piss, cum, cum dumpster and cum guzzler?
  • Iida: Um…
  • Bakugou: Oh goddamit! I almost forgot about fucker, fuckface, fuckstick, fuckwad, fuckboy, clusterfuck and of course, motherfucker. Are these all the kind of words that you’re avoiding, four eyes?
  • Iida: Uh yes I guess any of those, I would uh, like you to stay away from.
  • Bakugou: Okay, well, good luck with that.
wanna chat? pt. 15

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wow has it been A Week

i have two tests in a few hours and i have so many notes left and calc problems and i’m dying so have this!

there are two links in the chapter and i know you’re probably like. why would i click those? i mean i wouldn’t trust me either, but i swear they’re fine. ignore the first if you’d like, but if you don’t click the second you’re probably going to be fairly confused? you’ll see what i mean

this is extra long because i’m feeling extra procrastinate-y

(sorting hat = nino, cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub = alya, dipshit = adrien, ahHHH = mari)

i’m off to fail. enjoy~


sorting hat: what the fuck was i thinking
were french
wed go to beauxbatons
oh also @alya akuma attack

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: but thats bORING
wait what

sorting hat: please dont leave the house
im too tired

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: ….
nino what the fuck is thsi akuma

sorting hat: why would i know???

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: bc i dont

sorting hat: love that 3 in the morning logic

cochairman of adrien agreste fanclub: all thats on the forums is pics of it stacking cars???????????
@hawkmoth wyd

sorting hat: being a dick probably

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Steroline Meta - You told me that I would find love again !!

Ever since I watched and re-twatched the season 6 finale, I have been bitter and irritated because I initially thought Stelena got a more epic dialogue than Steroline. I also felt slightly insulted that Stefan would tell the woman who clearly as fallen for him that he loved her best friend ‘more than he thought he could even love somebody else’. .  and boy was I fuming ! And I kept thinking to myself, Elena gets all that and Caroline just gets - you made me laugh, you made me dance…you told me I would find love again…. YOU TOLD ME THAT I WOULD FIND LOVE AGAIN…that stuck with me.. and I’ve been mulling over that since the finale and I have finally found the words to express how this dialogue completely changed the landscape of steroline romance and how we view the dynamic of Stefan with Caroline .. please bear with me as I attempt to put my overwhelming feelings and thoughts into decipherable language ! ! ! 

Stefan to Caroline : You made a list of all the ways loving me has ruined your life… …but I made a list too - of all the ways LOVING YOU has changed mine : Whats important here is to note that he clearly says - THIS IS HOW LETTING MYSELF LOVE YOU HAS CHANGED ME . . so the things he lists are the experiences he has had after he started loving her. . 

- you were by my side when I needed a friend

There is no specific time period for this. It can be construed as season 5 when he clearly developed feelings for her after he lost his memories and she was by his side. 

- you made me laugh, you made me dance

Again one cannot annotate a specific time period for this.. could be season 5 or season 4. . 

- you told me that I would find love again

This sentence right here - changed EVERYTHING. This happened in 4x19. The iconic prom dance, where Caroline tells Stefan that he will fall madly in love and move on without even realizing it. This moment was for many shippers, the episode that launched Steroline and foreshadowed that Steroline would indeed happen. 

Stefan saying this implies only one thing - he has started LOVING her by the time she had said this to him. ‘Cause this is one way she changed his life - she gave him hope for the future. He was already falling in love with her, but he didn’t know it, but as a result of falling in love with her, he let her in to his life, to change it for better or worse. Cause that’s what happens when you love someone and let them in, you give them the power to change you for better or worse, to influence you to give you hope or even to destroy you.. As he fell for her, he gave up control to her without even realizing it and when she said he would find love again, he believed her. By loving her, he allowed himself to believe her when she gave him hope for love in the future. 


We have always been under the shadow of Stelena. In the recesses of our minds, there is this whisper of a doubt, a question that we dare not utter loud - “Would Steroline be together if Elena had chosen Stefan instead of Damon ?” 

This HEART FLUTTERING ADMISSION BY STEFAN puts all doubts and fears to rest. Because, while it looked like Elena still had not figured out who she wanted to be with - what with the sire bond confusion and the humanity flip, when it looked like Stefan was indeed waiting for her to pick him, he was in fact falling in love with Caroline. Elena moved on with Damon, but the truth is, Stefan wasn’t exactly left high and dry. By the time Elena officially chose Damon in 4x23, Stefan had already fallen for Caroline. He just didn’t realize it. His brain told him that logically he should be fighting for and pinning for Elena,( the loyal man that he is, could not fathom a different route) and that his feelings for Caroline, albeit deep, was because of their deep rooted friendship… 

This is why Lexi and Stefan’s conversation in 4x23 is so important.. Lexi asks essentially asks him, what if Elena chooses you, what would you do?.. which is weird because if she didn’t think he had already moved on, why would she have asked such a question? Take Caroline out of the picture and its just Stefan and his love for Elena, which is something Lexi knows plenty about. But she asks him - ‘what if whatever she (elena) feels is for you’. She wanted to know how self aware Stefan was about his feelings for Caroline. His answer made it clear that he was in the dark completely, which is why Lexi, tells him later in the car ride that while Elena will always be someone he loved, there is another love out there, and all he has to do is LET GO AND BE OPEN TO IT. This was Lexi’s way of hinting that you need to tell your brain to stop obsessing over Elena, and come to terms with your feelings for Caroline. 

So what I’m trying to say is this - if Elena Gilbert had chosen Stefan, yes he would have gone back to her, but only to later realize that his heart is with Caroline and it has been for some time now. SO it wouldn’t have mattered if Elena had chosen Stefan, these two - Stefan and Caroline, would have still found their way to each other.. 

Thank you for your patience !!! I know its a long post.. and my first post at that, but I needed to put this down for the whole world to see that Steroline is endgame ! !!