Can someone please open up this bag of friskies indoor delights?!

Thanks purinacanada for sending me these awesome purina treats! Specially formulated for indoor cats, Friskies “Indoor delights” are made with a delectable selection of meats and a touch of garden greens! Friskies Indoor delights are just the right amount of tasty to make any cat happy! For more information on Purina products, visit their website:

360: Gaston and Papi

After a short interlude Daily Cat Drawings is back!

Last week I brought home Gaston, a 2 year old tuxedo. A few weeks ago I picked up a stray kitty and he was adopted by a friend of mine. Unfortunately, things weren’t working out in his new home so I volunteered to take him in. I’ve never had two cats of my own before, so it’s going to be a challenge!

Right now the boys are slowly adjusting to being around each other. Gaston is eager to be friends but Papi is still a bit unsure.  Here’s hoping they become best buds :)


So many toys… so little time!


I’m almost done weaving my mermaid scarf. Pablo really likes the participatory weaving made available by the fact that I weave with the loom on the floor or leave it resting vertically against my floor loom or treadle sewing machine.