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Bro I was rereading that feely McHanzo comic you did a while back and I always thought the first panel was a little weird how Hanzo says the "such beauty is wasted on the soul of a killer" then proceeds to get into the meat of the story (his guilt). But then it just hit me; is he saying McCree is the beauty while HE is the killer? As in Hanzo believes himself to be worthless in comparison? If so then damn fuck this got even more depressing

haha yeah that was the point of the comic– McCree misunderstood him at first and thought he was just taking a weird dig at him, as Hanzo does


Hey friends, I have been getting anonymous messages asking Esme for her measurements like cup size, or complimenting her and asking for kisses etc. I don’t know if they are from the same person. This has happened before, though not for a while until recently, and I just want to address them all in this one post to avoid the spam.

While it always makes me happy and honoured that there are people interested in interacting with this blog, I get sensitive with questions like this because they are personal and forward. These recent ones aren’t as bad as the ones sent in the past, when I got uncomfortable with Esme being fetishised. But regardless, Esme isn’t simply going to indulge anyone, let alone a stranger. I do understand that she is portrayed as a seductive woman in the movie, but my humble take is that it is in part a persona before the public, because she has to perform and please a crowd. She does not necessarily enjoy people trying to get overly intimate. She is vivacious yes, flirty even to an extent, but there’s a difference there. She doesn’t get intimate easily. If a random person walks up to her asking for her measurements or kisses, she’ll probably respond in a rude manner, to put it mildly. Lastly, I have stated in my rules that this is a single-ship blog with @thecurseisinourblood, so my Esme won’t be interacting romantically with others.

TLDR: I seek your understanding when I do not reply these kind of messages in-character!


                      & .  I NEVER WANTED ANYTHING SO MUCH
                                THAN TO DROWN IN YOUR LOVE,
                                      ( and not feel your reign )

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there had always been a part of her that waited for this moment. when she’d finally be able to relinquish her repertoire of ballads; many of whom were slow, tremendously languid in nature and rhyme, that jihyun had succumb to the thought that they’d never see the light of day. it was just her luck that april had yet to make her a fool, and instead granted her such a wish: to finally unleash the dozens, possibly hundreds of sappy melodies that have littered her mind since the day she’d first set foot into royal.

the only problem with having such a grandiose collection of dry-eye remedies was, where would she begin? 

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you can’t tell me that yoonseok wouldn’t have a casual wedding on the beach. like hobi would be wearing all white and the rest of the members would be on the side as the groomsmen (namjoon as both their bestman bc lbr) and yoongi would come down the isle and it’s the only time hobi has ever seen him in all white and maknae line would put cute flower crowns on them bc why not and yoonseok would be blushing and it would be the cuTEST THING EVER OK