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Bro I was rereading that feely McHanzo comic you did a while back and I always thought the first panel was a little weird how Hanzo says the "such beauty is wasted on the soul of a killer" then proceeds to get into the meat of the story (his guilt). But then it just hit me; is he saying McCree is the beauty while HE is the killer? As in Hanzo believes himself to be worthless in comparison? If so then damn fuck this got even more depressing

haha yeah that was the point of the comic– McCree misunderstood him at first and thought he was just taking a weird dig at him, as Hanzo does

Speeches at desi weddings
  • Maid of Honor: “This girl is so sweet and beautiful, she have always been there for me. You're my sister. I’m so happy for you both.”
  • Best Man: “Yooooo remember our Vegas trip brooo??? this guy is wild lol *insert drake lyrics* yeaaahhh well anyway man so glad you found a nice girl”

dude i still can’t tell you a more annoying experience than having white employees at MAC/sephora wherever comment on your choices for foundation like there is something PARALYZINGLY annoying about having a white woman wearing foundation eleventy shades too dark comment on what shade i should be wearing like please. unless i request it, do not come near me tysm. 

tbh i feel like lup is a character that griffin has been dying to make a central part of the group, and not because she’s amazing and embodies the entirety of the story, but because she creates character conflict. for pretty much the entire balance arc, griff has tried to get the three boys to disagree on stuff, but because of who the characters are, taako and merle being too easy going and not caring enough, and mags practically overriding any conversation or argument by just rushing in has made for a dnd campaign with basically no conflict amongst the pcs

now a campaign doesn’t need to have conflict to be a good one but for an audio only story, conflict is the easiest way to develop the characters and get the boys to really address what’s important to them and what they would fight for, but with a character like mags (which is a very common type let me tell you i’ve been overrided too many times) the other characters generally do not get a say unless they extremely object. which has probably been something very irritating for griffin where he had to literally pull their teeth to get backstory and character details

so enter lup who’s not afraid to bite back at the boys and question their choices and just from that argument we, as an audience, suddenly understand lup almost completely. we understand her motivations and what’s she terrified of and that she, as a character, cannot lose hope. and!! we even got a huge understanding of taako!! i mean look at all the meta that came from just that one interaction because suddenly we see this interaction and it justifies who taako is as a character. i would even go as far to say it developed mags as well

as a dm, griffin has been trying desperately to get the boys to fight against each other with moral choices (wonderland, the chalice, lucas, and others too) and granted they can’t just put out an ep that is an hour of back and forth between the boys of deciding what to do with the chalice, but griffin has been trying to get to develop past the ‘magnus rushes in, taako’s good out here, merle? does something?’ (sorry i forgot what merle’s was OTL) to the point where griffin has tried multiple times to separate magnus from the group to force the other two to take initiative and lup and this new play style is finally making them do exactly that

so TL;DR Lup is a character that griffin has been dying to introduce and is the character conflict/instigator that the campaign has needed for a long time

can i just say i absolutely hate when people say to stop using said in writing?? and to use other words?? like no. be quiet. using said is good. using it males it more special when you decide to use other words.

keep using said!! use it as much as your heart wants!!!! don’t listen to people when they say it’s overused or not to use it, it’s a basic word for when someone is speaking. it’s supposed to be used in dialogue.


Can’t we be seventeen

Heathers!Klance with Keith as your 7-Eleven emo boy and Lance as your society changing fave. I based their sketch/doodle page on Seventeen and how life would be for them if they were normal