While watching TMNT on NickToons this morning  during the episode Casey Jones VS. The Underworld I saw this scene and couldn’t help but think of @mesacat13 Dark!Turtles AU. I imagine a few training sessions go like this.

A New TMNT FanFiction One-Shot by CJtheStoryteller

*Story Summary: After Leonardo’s decision to secretly help Karai badly injures one of his brothers, the oldest turtle struggles to come to terms with his guilt. *Note: this is an epilogue/one-shot for the episode ‘Broken Foot,’ set shortly after Donatello regains consciousness.

*Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

For the second time that night, Leonardo found himself sitting at the bottom of the concrete stairs outside of the Dojo. He was once again slouched over with his arms folded across his knees and his head hung down in shame. His father had just finished giving him one of the longest lectures in history and Leo’s ego was still trying to recover from the verbal lashing. The last words that Master Splinter had imparted upon him continued to resound in his head …

“Until I can meditate on the matter and come up with a suitable punishment for your reckless actions, you are not to leave the lair under any circumstances. I will let you know my decision in the morning.”

As Leonardo had watched Master Splinter disappear into his room to presumably ‘meditate on the matter,’ he had not been able to stop himself from shuddering in his shell. He dreaded what his father would deem a suitable punishment for his oldest son going behind his back and secretly working with his rebellious teenage daughter to try to take down the powerful army of his sworn enemy. As if those offenses alone hadn’t been condemning enough, Leonardo had nearly gotten all three of his brothers killed in the process. There was no doubt in his mind that being grounded for his irresponsible conduct was just the tip of the iceberg. A far more painful fate surely awaited him once his father had a chance to thoroughly contemplate what he had done. Disobedience was something that Master Splinter did not tolerate.

It had been obvious to Leonardo throughout the course of the lecture that his father had been struggling to rein in his anger. Though Master Splinter’s exterior had remained relatively calm for the entire duration of the talking to, his dark, intense eyes had revealed the fire burning inside of him while he had harshly, yet somehow calmly, chewed out his first-born son.

“Even after I warned you of the cost of vengeance … Even after you saw firsthand the suffering your bad decisions had caused … Still, you went out seeking revenge, knowing that it was against my wishes. After all that happened, you still willingly put your other brothers at risk while I remained here, administering the Healing Hands to Donatello. Was it not enough that one of your brothers had already been wounded by your blind need for retribution? A leader must learn from his mistakes, not attempt to repeat them.”

Yes, it had been one epic lecture, all right. The only actual words that Leonardo had contributed to the ‘conversation’ had been a “Hai, Sensei” or two, which he had managed to sneak in when his father had paused briefly to take a deep breath before continuing on with his rant.

Leonardo couldn’t remember the last time that he had made his father so furious …

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Author’s Note: Thank you so much for taking the time to read ‘To Err is Turtle.’ Also, a huge thank you to the ‘Fractured Trust’ readers who suggested that I write an epilogue for ‘Broken Foot.’ 

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Japan Railways Build Turtle Tunnels

Japanese railroad companies recently installed a wonderful way to keep turtles safe when they try to cross their train tracks – a turtle tunnel that passes under the tracks.

When crossing tracks, turtles can get crushed by trains or get stuck in track switches, causing delays. These tunnels solve problems for humans and turtles alike. They were developed in a partnership between Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe and the West Japan Railway Company. (Source)


Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer being precious cuties and handling animals during a BBC interview.

Other points of interest:

Mark Hamill feeds a dog stew with his spoon.

Mark Hamill eats from the same spoon while Carrie Fischer offers him a bite of her stew.


Are you shellebrating World Turtle Day? The yearly event aims to raise awareness about turtles and tortoises, along with the harmful impact human action can have on them. We have many resources on turtles, including some of the following sources of these wonderful turtle images:

1, 3: Naturgeschichte der SchildkötenFull title, D. Johann David Schöpfs königl. Preuss. hofraths … Naturgeschichte der Schildkröten : mit Abbildungen erläutert. (1792) by Johann David Schöpf. 

2.  North American herpetology. Full title, North American herpetology, or, A description of the reptiles inhabiting the United States, v.1 (1836) by John Edwards Holbrook.

4. Reptiles and birds. Full title,  Reptiles and birds. A popular account of the various orders; with a description of the habits and economy of the most interesting. (1873) by Louis Figuier. 

5. Gemeinnüzzige Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs. Full title,  Gemeinnüzzige Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs : darinn die merkwürdigsten und nüzlichsten Thiere in systematischer Ordnung beschrieben und alle Geschlechter in Abbildungen nach der Natur vorgestellet werden, bd. 4 (1788) by Georg Heinrich Borowski.

6. Thesaurus rerum naturaliumFull title, Locupletissimi rerum naturalium thesauri accurata descriptio, et iconibus artificiosissimis expressio, per universam physices historiam : opus, cui, in hoc rerum genere, nullum par exstitit. (1734) by Albertus Seba.

More excellent scientific illustrations of turtles in the Biodiversity Heritage Library’s Flickr album, Turtles!

Turtles can breathe through their butts and pee through their mouths. Source Source 2

Happy World Turtle Day!

Turtle habitats are rapidly disappearing, and both turtles and tortoises are endangered due to many global threats. World Turtle Day was founded to spread awareness and encourage learning about how to help protect these animals and help them thrive.

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They are adorable, after all.

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I mean, how many other animals do you know that can grow a green mohawk?


I had three slider turtles surrendered today - three. Two are babies, like the little one shown up top. Yes, they were each surrendered in one of those. One is an adult female, pictured below with the turtle “habitat” on her back for comparison. All are in neglected condition with poor shell health.


This is what you need to understand when getting a turtle.
1. The little baby turtles sold on the beach, the fair, at flea markets, in little hole-in-the-wall shops? Are illegal. Turtles under 4″ in general are not being legally sold. This has been a federal law since about the mid-70′s due to salmonella outbreaks linked to the turtles (google it if you don’t believe me). Anyplace selling these turtles for any reason other that research or education is doing so illegally and, if they come in a little “habitat” like the one shown here, unscrupulously.
2. Turtles can not survive in tiny critter keepers. They should live 30+ years but most will only make it a few months in such containers. Why? Well:
3. Turtles need 5-10g of water (not tank, water) per inch of shell length to keep clean and happy. What’s more, they need:
4. Heat and UVB to digest, absorb calcium, and grow. Both of the tiny turtles we got in today have severely soft shells from calcium deficiency, and one has a mild respiratory infection from inadequate heat.
5. They also need filtration to help keep clean, or they can develop shell rot, bacterial infections, eye infections, etc. Even with a filter, expect large WEEKLY water changes.
6. A dry area to get totally out of the water to bask. Lacking a basking spot can lead to shell rot, which can go bone deep and be lethal.
7. A nutritious, fortified diet, PLUS fresh foods. Baby turtles need plenty of protein items while adult (sliders) will need a good portion of their diet to be vegetation. Those crappy oversized pellets baby turtles are sold with are not complete nutrition in and of themselves.
8. Finally, turtles need educated owners committed to a high-maintenance, long lived, LARGE pet with significant space requirements. Slider turtles and cooters, the most common species sold in those horrid little boxes, can grow to over a foot in length. The big girl pictured could still easily put on another 5″ or more in size and will need to live in a good hundred gallon tank (at least) to be happy and healthy.

Don’t be an impulsive, uneducated, crummy pet owner. Only get a turtle if you’re ready to provide everything - I mean everything - they need to grow, survive, and thrive. 

And yes, the turtles pictured are now all living in spacious, filtered, heated, UVB’d environments to recover from their negligent care.