etsyfindoftheday 1 | 10.18.17

vintage-style boho-inspired jewelry finds by onetribejewelry

  • mustard crescent horn + gold circle chain necklace
  • turquoise cabochon + gold geo dangle earrings

i used to SCOUR the rummage sales and garage sales around my hometown on the weekends looking for rad jewelry finds that were reminiscent of this super-cool pair — LOVE the mustard hue of the horn piece on the necklace, and the unique geometric shapes on the turquoise earrings!

‘Quiet Mind’ Sachet

This sachet spell is used for calming anxiety, worry, and intrusive thoughts to bring about inner peace. 


💙 Rosebuds
💙 Salt
💙 Basil
💙 Sage
💙 Green tea
💙 Lemongrass
💙 Violet sachet
💙 Turquoise Magnesite 

Charge your magnesite on the night of a full moon beforehand. Carry on your person in stressful situations. Recharge magnesite as needed. 

💙 Magick should not be used in place of professional medical assistance. 💙