TURQUOISE (lapis+peridot)

i’m pretty sure we will see their fusion sometime soon so i decided to make another attempt at it.


i think she would have a carefree attitude, usually be pretty cheerful. she probably doesn’t like to do anything except laying around and staring at clouds. or better, lie on her own cloudy wings and stare at the clouds while hovering above the ground, where no one can bother her… also, she would constantly have her head in the clouds (pun intended).


so, why clouds and rain?? there are things on the show that make me believe their fusion will be weather themed. steven giving peri a detailed explanation about clouds, peri experiencing rain, but my fav one is the sky clearing when lapis asked peridot if she’s ok and peri smiled in response:

but thats not all. apart from the subtle clues left on the show, the cloud motif makes perfect sense for what i imagine is their relationship dynamic.

lapis represents water. lapis is also psychologically ‘encumbered’, meaning that she went tru a lot of shit and she carries all that weight on her shoulders. just like water in its liquid state, lapis is heavy.

and here comes in peridot. peri honestly doesn’t have much emotional baggage on her. sure, she has some minor issues, but she went tru a lot of development lately and, unlike lapis, she doesn’t have major trauma on her back. so, i think peridot is capable of helping lapis carry that weight. she will offer emotional support lapis needs so much.

so what happens to that water that is lapis? it turns into something light.

together, they turn into clouds.

BUT WAIT THERES MORE… one last reason.

they are fluffy. haha, get it? because lapidot is all about fluff…

also here are some other things:

  • her pants are a puffy version of low cut harem pants in case its not clear. they don’t restrain her movements at all.
  • her hair and cloud wings could change color depending on her mood (like its a fucking anime). both could get darker and look like a rain cloud when the fusion is upset.
  • raindrops on her pants reference the alien pattern on pants peridot liked so much. it actually was a direct inspiration behind the raindrops here.
  • turquoise is a stone aiding in communication. its given as a present to friends. its also associated with the sky and helps channel its energy down to earth. i feel like along its color and opaque quality its pretty fitting for their fusion.
  • her wings are shaped like bugs wings peridot observed.