I’ve always loved this photo I took of Turning Point back in 1989 at The Bbq Iguana… not because it’s some “insane show photo”… cuz it’s not. But it IS a truly happy photo of Skip smiling at @jinxproof1996’s camera in the middle of a show. Seeing them both smiling is what makes me love this pic. 13 years ago today, Skip died. I’m listening to Turning Point as I’m typing this. #ripskip #turningpoint #bbqiguana #throwbackthursday #tbt

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This is officially Page 1 of “Turning Point”.  I’ll make a cover soon!  This took like 5 hours sorry for all the mistakes my hand is dead

I’m hoping to continue this comic, but alas, I’m going on vacation tomorrow and won’t be back for a week.  I’ll be checking messages though!

hAHAHA it is 12 AM i feel like i can do anything

okay, this page looks way better than the prologue page (but sorry for any mistakes.. if there are any!).  i was too lazy to do a background, so i just used a picture //shrug//  and don’t worry, the start is kinda slow but it’ll pick up the pace soon.

also, my voice acting blog for this comic is up, but still kinda under construction!  send them asks in!  thanks for the support with this comic, you guys are my motivation! ;D