A Finnish person on Twitter knowingly posted the video of the man screaming “Varokaa” and said it was “Allahu akbar” and proceeded to bash multiculturalism in Finland. They deleted their account after being called out for it.

If you are FInnish and are using this attack and peoples’ ignorance to push your hateful Islamophobic, xenophobic bullshit, fucking shame on you. People are hurt, people are dead. How dare you spread more suffering with your lies?

This has nothing to do with this blog, but I just want to get the word out.

Re: the stabbing incident in Finland. There is a video spreading on the internet where a man shouts “Varo, varokaa”. It means “watch out”. He is NOT shouting “Allahu Akbar”. If you see people spread the video, tell them it’s Finnish for “watch out”. The misinformation is spreading super fast and as Finnish is not a widely known language, it’s hard to convince people they’re wrong. 

There’s one suspect whose motives are not known yet. Might be a terrorist attack, might be not. Either way, no one shouted “Allahu Akbar”. Don’t believe the hype. Thank you. 

ETA: I see some people didn’t know about it yet, so a quick rundown. 2 killed, 5 or 6 injured in a stabbing attack in the center of Turku. The suspect is in custody and atm looks like he acted alone. FWIW, I don’t live anywhere near there and am safe and unafraid. I’m just pissed off that people are spreading misinformation.

in turku, 8 of the 10 victims were women, two of whom died. the two men were attacked because they were trying to help the female victims. these heroic men have been named as hasan alazawii, a local entrepreneur, and hassan zubier, a swedish tourist. let us not gloss over the fact that the attacker targeted women.

Muistuttaisin vielä että kun puhutte tästä tilanteesta niin käyttäkää poliisin käyttämää sanastoa, eli älkää kutsuko tätä terroriteoksi ennen kuin poliisi varmistaa jutun motiivin. Ei pliis levitellä väärää informaatiota vaan levitetään vaan virallisia teitä tulleita tietoja. Kavereiden kesken privaatisti voitte jutella huhupuheista mut Suomessa media on kuitenki sen verran luotettava et ei viitsitä julkisesti somessa lietsoa paniikkia tai levitellä väärää tietoa muuten vaan.

Really disgusting to see how many of my “friends” on facebook are using the attacks that happened in my home town today as excuses for their racism and prejudice against refugees - while there is absolutely 0 confirmed information about who the attack was done by, where they are from and if this even was an terror attack or not.

You know what? I “love” (yes, it’s sarcasm) the fact that when there is a terrorist attack in Great Britain, Germany, France and etc my whole dash is filled with articles news and whatever you do because you think it will help the victims that survived etc. (This part is honest. It’s good thing you all do that.) Whole Tumblr is just buzzing.

BUT!!! When something like that happens in Spain, Barcelona where 14th people died and more than 130 people where harmed (anyone heard about it?) but also Finland, Turku - 2 people are dead, 8-ish are wounded, there is also possible terrorist attack in Russia, Surgut, this one is speculation right now as no one wants to comment this, few people where harmed, two badly…
So when this happens in countries like those my dash is empty. Like nothing, I even went to appropriate tags, there are articles etc. about those but not as much as I expected. I won’t even talk about attacks that happen in other less “well known” countries

So yeah I “love” double standards.

Oh my fucking god i just saw a post that had the finnish flag with a swastika in it and it said stop being welcoming start being cruel


About the attack in Turku

Many of non-Finnish person have been wondering how this has been so shocking to Finns because there’s “only” two dead. The thing is, attacks like these don’t happen in Finland so often. Last time we had attack this huge was 2008 in Kauhajoki where over ten people got killed at school attack.

So things like these are not common in Finland and that’s the reason the whole Finland is shocked and mourning.

So please, let us mourn and don’t believe anything that police haven’t confirmed, there’s lots of false information spreading around.

Please be safe my fellow Finns, specially those who live in Turku!

Can I just say how incredibly proud I am of finnish police and people. It took THREE minutes from police to catch the man who attacked those innocent people. Bystanders chased this man, trying to drive him away so he wouldn’t hurt any more people.

Immigrants were also victims in Turku...

… one of them got injured by attacker because he helped the victim and other tried to stop the attacker. This person got injured as well.

Before you’re going to make some racist comment about this incident, you may unfollow me. I’m proud of my country’s immigrants because they stood up against the attacker.

Police just confirmed that Turku attack is being investigated as an act of terrorism

I didn’t have any doubt about this at any point but this to inform anyone who did.

10 persons were stabbed yesterday in Turku by an 18 year old Moroccon male. 3 persons are still critical and 2 of the victims have died.

4 persons have been arrested and are being investigated as related to the attack.

Can we now stop the bs and start talking about the real problem? Our government is the problem. They have imported these people here who aren’t refugees. Our country must stop letting these people in here right now and make sure that everyone who has any similar radical views as the people related to this attack are being deported at once. Finland and Finns shouldn’t tolerate any of this.

Just to be clear, as someone will without a doubt flash the rasist card: I have zero problem with people who come here to work, live in peace, contribute to the society and pay their taxes. I have zero problem with anyone who comes here because their life is threatened at their homeland because of their opinions or religion.

I have 100% problem with people who

  • come here to loiter and abuse our welfare system without even trying to blend in
  • bring with them radical views about them being superior to others just because of what they believe in, and
  • are here to commit acts like this.

Shame on you if you don’t have a problem with that.


Apparently the guy who attacked was a 18 year old from Morocco, the two who died were from Finland, one of the injured ones was Italian and two Swedish. One of the injured ones was not even 18. 4 of them get to leave the hospital todayand the rest are in ICU. Unfortunately, this act is now investigated as a terrorist attack. There was also 4 others from Morocco who are arrested and one is missing and searched internationally.

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