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Today morning was really nice though! I climbed on this hill that has a view across the entire city, and at 7am it was so foggy that I was basically staring into a white void.


An informative guide to Turku

– Fan submission, thanks Ilmari


Nirvana live in Turku, Finland
Kansanpuisto (Ruisrock)
Jun. 27, 1992 Nevermind European Tour 92

Dave Grohl - “Hey. Hello, I love you! Hello, we’re Nirvana

Kurt Cobain - “Man in the Marlboro hat right there and the red shirt, hey! Hey mister down there. Mr Man in the orange vest and the red shirt

Novoselic - “Are you guys from Russia? Are you guys from Russia? You’ll probably get those flags there, they’re a dime a dozen. Razdol'e (Razdol'e - meaning freedom). ?? ?? Che Guevera, people who are insects (?) Was that Che Guevera or Jimi Hendrix, I can’t see.

Grohl - “To all the girls, I’ve loved before
Novoselic - “In the town where I was born

Cobain - “Good night

Novoselic - “Thanks a lot! Well thanks for coming today instead of tomorrow. We’ve never been to Finland before. I think we were supposed to be here like in November or something like that but we blew the show off. Hey! What the hell did you throw it up here for then? He touched it, he touched it, oh man. I’m gonna sell scraps of the carpet from the hotel where we stayed too, like a square inch for like $20 or Marks or whatever.

Cobain - “Are you ready?

Novoselic - “”?? rather go jump in the water alright, wow
Cobain - ”Good night
Grohl - ”Bye

Set List:

  • [Tori Amos ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ intro]
  • Aneurysm
  • Drain You
  • Stay Away
  • Sliver
  • School
  • In Bloom
  • Breed
  • About A Girl
  • Scoff
  • Polly
  • Lithium
  • Blew
  • Been A Son
  • On A Plain
  • Swap Meet
  • Negative Creep
  • Come As You Are
  • Love Buzz [Shocking Blue cover]
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Territorial Pissings

Other Performers:

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