Sorry, I just had to… 


In honor of the Camp screening, I give you one of the best things I ever produced. 


See if you can spot Anna Kendrick participating in Turkey Lurkey time. 

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girliesportsjunkie replied to your photoset

The Turkey Lurkey was way too trippy for me, but I’m now down with the Kiki

I had a moment of clarity post-episode.  Rachel was sad about not spending the day singing holiday medleys with her dads.  And Brody said they couldn’t break into song.  But along came a song, and everyone’s going along with it, so here’s her maybe only chance…and she turns it into a holiday medley.

So now instead of focusing on the ridiculousness, I have accidental Rachel feels when I watch that part.


Seth Rudetsky  - Turkey Lurkey Deconstruction

For those who don’t know what Turkey Lurkey is Mr. Broadway Seth Rudetsky does a deconstruction of what the dance is, its hilarious and also amazingly bad.

And this is the song Glee choose, why…I couldn’t tell you