I continue to be baffled by Turian face tattoos. They’re not clan-based; neither of Garrus’ parents have insignias like his, as seen in Homeworlds and Castis’ cameo in Andromeda, and the Nyx sisters have different insignias as well, both in shape and color. They can’t be entirely based on birth planet, either, as Garrus and Vetra are both Palaven-born (and I’m assuming Sid too) and they have very different insignias.

So how do Turians pick their insignias? Do they just go to the tattoo artist and pick a design and color they like? Is it based on birthplace but more specific, like a hometown insignia? WHAT IS IT BIOWARE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE LOGIC OF TURIAN INSIGNIAS I AM SO CONFUSED.


I fucking love Mass Effect, moments like these make it my favorite game series of all time