In Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light Rand did the same thing 3 times with 3 different people.

Case #1

Cadsuane: Well, boy. You…

Rand: Are you ever going to give up that affectation, Cadsuane Sedai? Calling me a boy? I no longer mind, though it does feel old. I was four hundred years old on the day I died during the Age of Legends. I suspect that would make you my junior by several decades at the least. I show you respect, perhaps it would be appropriate for you to return it. If you wish you may call me Rand Sedai. I am, so far as I know, the only male Aes Sedai still alive who was properly raised but who never turned to the shadow.

Cadsuane: *pales visibly*


Case #2

Rand: How do you claim rights to these lands?

Tuon: By being the only legitimate heir of Artur Hawkwing. This is his empire. He is the only one to have unified it, he is the only leader to have ruled it in glory and greatness.

Rand: You accept me as the Dragon Reborn?

Tuon: You must be…

Rand: Then you accept me for who I am, I am Lews Therin Telamon, the Dragon. I ruled these lands, unified, during the Age of Legends. I was leader of all the armies of the Light, I wore the Ring of Tamyrlin. I stood first among the Servants, highest of the Aes Sedai, and I could summon the Nine Rods of Dominion. I held the loyalty and fealty of all seventeen Generals of Dawn’s Gate. Fortuona Athaem Devi Paendrag, my authority supersedes your own!

Tuon: *backs away* *eyes widen* *face becomes full of horror*


Case #3

Moiraine: You have grown so much, but you are still just a youth, are you not?

Rand: *gets angry but instead of acting out decides to use his cool new thing on Moiraine*

Rand: Perhaps I am still a youth, in that all of us are, compared to the timeless age of the Wheel itself. That said, I am one of the oldest people in existence.

Moiraine: *smiles* Very nice. Does that work on the others?


Conclusion: Moiraine is the badassest badass in the history of badassary.

Practicing with Toy and Precious!

“Tuon looked at him, squatting there by the map, moving his fingers over the surface, and suddenly she saw him in a new light. A buffoon? No. A lion stuffed into a horse-stall might look like a peculiar joke, but a lion on the high plains was something very different. Toy was loose on the high plains, now. She felt a chill. What sort of man had she entangled herself with? After all this time, she realized, she had hardly a clue.” Knife of Dreams, As If the World Were Fog.

when I was waiting for Winter Dragon to air a couple nights ago I had a few minutes so I started painting Tuon to kill time.

Then after I watched Winter Dragon the first time the guy with the stream played it like three more times and I forgot I was going to finish this and basically all I can think about anymore is Billy Zane, the Betrayer of Hope.


A lion stuffed into a horse-stall might look like a peculiar joke, but a lion on the high plains was something very different. Toy was loose on the high plains, now. She felt a chill. What sort of man had she entangled herself with? After all this time, she realized, she had hardly a clue.

Lupita Nyong'o as Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag
Godfrey Gao as Mat Cauthon

Egwene glanced at the collected Seanchan nobility. Fortuona seemed to be addressing one man in particular, a man in rich black and golden clothing, trimmed with white lace. He had an eyepatch over one eye, black to match, and the fingernails on both hands were lacquered to a dark—

“Mat?” Egwene sputtered.

He gave a kind of half-wave, looking embarrassed.

Oh, Light, she thought. What has he thrown himself into? She galloped through plans in her mind. Mat was imitating a Seanchan nobleman. They must not know who he really was. Could she trade something to save him?

“Approach,” Fortuona said.

“This man is not— ” Egwene began, but Fortuona spoke over her.

“Knotai,” she said, “did you know that this woman was an escaped damane? You knew her as a child, I believe.”

“You know who he is?” Egwene asked.

Of course I do,” Fortuona said. “He is named Knotai, but once was called Matrim Cauthon. Do not think he will serve you, marath’damane, though you did grow up together. He is the Prince of the Ravens now, a position he earned by his marriage to me. He serves the Seanchan, the Crystal Throne, and the Empress.”

“May she live forever,” Mat noted. “Hello, Egwene. Glad to hear you escaped those Sharans. How’s the White Tower? Still … white, I guess?”

Egwene looked from Mat to the Seanchan Empress, then back at him again. Finally, unable to do anything else, she burst out laughing. “You married Matrim Cauthon?”


Brandon Sanderson, A Memory of Light: Chapter 26 - Considerations 

Mat & Tuon

A few weeks ago, there was a discussion in the tag about Mat and Tuon - the reasons people do, or don’t, ship them, and the impact Tuon’s opinions about channellers  has on their relationship.
I was not interested in joining that particular conversation, for various reasons, but I’ve been thinking about it.  

Why do I ship Mat and Tuon?

The short answer: because I am amused by them, and I think they’re surprisingly well suited to each other.

The long answer:

Mat and Tuon are intrigued by each other, are attracted to each other and they enjoy each other’s company. They have things in common - loyalty, playfulness, a love games, a sense of adventure and an interest in horses. They both take their responsibilities (towards other people) very seriously.

They challenge each other. Because they come from different cultures, they have some very different perspectives. This means that making a relationship work - understanding each other’s perspectives, finding a way to work together - is not going to be easy. Yet neither of them are intimidated by that challenge.

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Beware the Fox that makes the Ravens fly,
for he will marry you and carry you away.
Beware the Man that remembers Hawkwing’s face,
for he will marry you and set you free…

for fullofstoryshapes

Wheel of Time characters in the making

I have been obsessed with WOT for quite some time (hell, it takes time to get through all the books!) and now that I’m done I’ve started making some designs for the main characters - it still puzzles me that the series hasn’t been made into a TV show/movie/cartoon tbh.

Here’s the stages I went through drawing Tuon (or Fortuona, Empress of the Sanchean Empire and all-round kick ass):

Stage 1 - Hand drawn sketch and clean-up

Stage 2 - Colouring with Pantone

Stage 3 - Digital clean-up and colouring, all done with an Intuos tablet and Animate Pro

Hope you like it, there will be more to come! <3

Merrilin stroked one of his white mustaches with a long finger. He seemed to be hiding a smile. “I fear you have mistaken me, Banner-General Karede.” For the space of a sentence his voice became extremely resonant. “I am a gleeman, a position higher than court-bard to be sure, but no general. The man you want is Lord Matrim Cauthon.” He made a small bow toward the young man, who was settling his flat-topped hat back on his head.

Karede frowned. Tylin’s Toy was the general? Were they playing a game with him?

“You have about a hundred men, Deathwatch Guards, and maybe twenty Gardeners,” Cauthon said calmly. “From what I hear, that could make an even fight against five times their number for most soldiers, but the Band aren’t most soldiers, and I have a sight more than six hundred. As for Chisen, if that’s the fellow who pulled back through the Narrows, even if he has figured out what I was up to, he couldn’t get back in less than five days. My scouts’ last reports had him pushing southwest along the Ebou Dar Road as fast he could march. The real question is this, though. Can you get Tuon to the Tarasin Palace safely?”

Karede felt as if Hartha had kicked him in the belly, and not only because the man had used the High Lady’s name so casually. “You mean to let me take her away?” he said incredulously. “If she trusts you. If you can get her to the palace safely. She’s in danger till she reaches that. In case you don’t know it, your whole bloody Ever Victorious flaming Army is ready to slit her throat or bash in her head with a rock.”

“I know,” Karede said, more calmly than he felt. Why would this man just release the High Lady after the White Tower had gone to all the trouble of kidnapping her? Why, after fighting that short, bloody campaign? “We will die to the man if that is what is needed to see her safe. It will be best if we set out immediately.” Before the man changed his mind. Before Karede woke from this fever-dream. It surely seemed a fever-dream.

Knife of Dreams, chapter 36 “Under an Oak”.

Such a funny scene - because we get Karede’s perspective and are thus aware of just how surprised he is. First Thom’s not the general, and then Mat’s eager to hand Tuon over and is concerned about her safety, and then Tuon makes a surprise announcement; bam, bam, bam,

Also, Karede is horrified that Mat uses Tuon’s name. Imagine his reaction if Mat had continued to call Tuon “Precious”… 

Titled: “Daughter of the Nine Moons” The Empress, may she live forever.

Tuon, from the Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan. (and Brandon Sanderson)

I love Tuon. Her and Mat are a riot. Of course anything that has Mat involved is a riot! I just started the series again and randomly had the urge to draw little Tuon. So here she is!

Copic Liner and Copic Markers.

I am aware I may have gotten her nails TOTALLY wrong. But whatever. They’re long and lacquered. I can’t keep track of Seanchan’s society nuances.