In the beginning, Mat was annoying.  Then he got the dagger and was just plain awful and whiny and I wanted to slap him across the face.  WTF Mat just go away.  

Then he became my favorite character.  "You ride to battle?“  Mat: "I was thinking more of a saunter.”

Also spanking an Aes Sedai because he was fed up with her crap.  He treated everyone the same, from kings to beggars and he’s my favorite.  /gavel

Kokeisiin lukeminen
  • Mä: Okei bitches nyt keskitytään
  • Mä: tädädädädädädädädädädädä Batmaan!
  • Mä: Montakoha dädää siin mahtaa olla
  • Mä: Argh okei okei nyt hei oikeesti
  • Mä: Sata salamaa aah
  • Mä: Kuinkakohan moni lausuu Googlauksen O:lla?
  • Mä: okei. Bara bara bara bere bere heei oonki aina halunnu oppia kiroilee portugaliks
  • Mä: Ugh nälkä
  • Mä: Äh onpa kerääntyny painoo luonpas tästä #kesäkuntoon-treeniohjelman
  • Mä: Mikä olis semmonen tavoitekroppa... Oi siinä on hyvännäkönen nainen osaisinkohan piirtää tuon tuosta mallista
  • Mä: *piirtää kaksi tuntia*
  • Mä: No tuo ja tuo ja tuo kappale onkin ihan turhia ni skippaan ne
  • Mä: Onkohan tumblriin tullu jotai uutta
  • Mä: Fur Elise on kaunis biisi vois salee opetella soittaa sen
  • Mä: Vittu mä oon lukiossa koeviikko tappaa kärsin
  • Mä: *lähettää amiksille 50 meemiä siitä kuinka paskaa koeviikko on*
  • Mä: Hei lemmikki enkö oo halinu sua tarpeeksi?
  • Mä: Eihän tääl voi keskittyä ku on niin epäsiistiä parasta siivota heti
  • Mä: *katsoo Yuri On Icen ja Skamin jotai sadatta kertaa*
  • Mä: Oispa kaljaa
  • Mä: Ääh mitä jos meitä tarkkaileekin jokin suurempi voima
  • Mä: Mäkin kuolen joskus
  • MÄ: Nyt hei muija, let's get down to business!
  • Mä: Meennään aalas bisneksiiiin päihitttään SE HANS
  • Mä: Vois kattoo jonku leffan en oo kattonu piirrettyjäkää ties koska
  • Mä: Mitäköhä Tiinal mahtaa kuulua ei olla juteltu kutosluokan jälkeen
  • Mä: *stalkkaa kaikki tutut facebookissa*
  • Mä: Saatanaaaaaaa
  • Mä: Tjaa no on täs nyt opiskeltukin vois tehä jotai hyvää iltapalaa
My Girlfriend is mad at me and its all Robert Jordans fault

Apparently in the middle of the night I woke up, looked at her and said “Baby why did you agree to be Tuon’s Doomseer?” and fell asleep again. I have no memory of this incident. Then I had to explain who Tuon is. This is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me because of Wheel of Time.

Näin pääsiäisen lähestyessä tulin muistelleeksi kun kerran astuin pääsiäisen alla Islantilaiseen kauppaan. Heittäkääpäs villi arvaus, mikä mahtaa olla pääsiäinen Islanniksi? 

No páskahan se on, mikäs muukaan! Voi juukelis puukelis, paska meinasi olla muuten myös housuissa kun ilman varoitusta tuon jouduin kokemaan. Paskaa, niin pitkälle kuin silmä näki. Jokainen tuote, jokainen kyltti. Olo oli siis ihan tosissaan kun olisi astunut suoraan johonkin suomitumpun paskapostaukseen sisälle, sen luokan meemihelvetti se oli. Nevör förget. 

PS. Paska-olut oli hyvää, joisin uudestaan

In Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light Rand did the same thing 3 times with 3 different people.

Case #1

Cadsuane: Well, boy. You…

Rand: Are you ever going to give up that affectation, Cadsuane Sedai? Calling me a boy? I no longer mind, though it does feel old. I was four hundred years old on the day I died during the Age of Legends. I suspect that would make you my junior by several decades at the least. I show you respect, perhaps it would be appropriate for you to return it. If you wish you may call me Rand Sedai. I am, so far as I know, the only male Aes Sedai still alive who was properly raised but who never turned to the shadow.

Cadsuane: *pales visibly*


Case #2

Rand: How do you claim rights to these lands?

Tuon: By being the only legitimate heir of Artur Hawkwing. This is his empire. He is the only one to have unified it, he is the only leader to have ruled it in glory and greatness.

Rand: You accept me as the Dragon Reborn?

Tuon: You must be…

Rand: Then you accept me for who I am, I am Lews Therin Telamon, the Dragon. I ruled these lands, unified, during the Age of Legends. I was leader of all the armies of the Light, I wore the Ring of Tamyrlin. I stood first among the Servants, highest of the Aes Sedai, and I could summon the Nine Rods of Dominion. I held the loyalty and fealty of all seventeen Generals of Dawn’s Gate. Fortuona Athaem Devi Paendrag, my authority supersedes your own!

Tuon: *backs away* *eyes widen* *face becomes full of horror*


Case #3

Moiraine: You have grown so much, but you are still just a youth, are you not?

Rand: *gets angry but instead of acting out decides to use his cool new thing on Moiraine*

Rand: Perhaps I am still a youth, in that all of us are, compared to the timeless age of the Wheel itself. That said, I am one of the oldest people in existence.

Moiraine: *smiles* Very nice. Does that work on the others?


Conclusion: Moiraine is the badassest badass in the history of badassary.

Egwene glanced at the collected Seanchan nobility. Fortuona seemed to be addressing one man in particular, a man in rich black and golden clothing, trimmed with white lace. He had an eyepatch over one eye, black to match, and the fingernails on both hands were lacquered to a dark—

“Mat?” Egwene sputtered.

He gave a kind of half-wave, looking embarrassed.

Oh, Light, she thought. What has he thrown himself into? She galloped through plans in her mind. Mat was imitating a Seanchan nobleman. They must not know who he really was. Could she trade something to save him?

“Approach,” Fortuona said.

“This man is not— ” Egwene began, but Fortuona spoke over her.

“Knotai,” she said, “did you know that this woman was an escaped damane? You knew her as a child, I believe.”

“You know who he is?” Egwene asked.

Of course I do,” Fortuona said. “He is named Knotai, but once was called Matrim Cauthon. Do not think he will serve you, marath’damane, though you did grow up together. He is the Prince of the Ravens now, a position he earned by his marriage to me. He serves the Seanchan, the Crystal Throne, and the Empress.”

“May she live forever,” Mat noted. “Hello, Egwene. Glad to hear you escaped those Sharans. How’s the White Tower? Still … white, I guess?”

Egwene looked from Mat to the Seanchan Empress, then back at him again. Finally, unable to do anything else, she burst out laughing. “You married Matrim Cauthon?”


Brandon Sanderson, A Memory of Light: Chapter 26 - Considerations 

Titled: “Daughter of the Nine Moons” The Empress, may she live forever.

Tuon, from the Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan. (and Brandon Sanderson)

I love Tuon. Her and Mat are a riot. Of course anything that has Mat involved is a riot! I just started the series again and randomly had the urge to draw little Tuon. So here she is!

Copic Liner and Copic Markers.

I am aware I may have gotten her nails TOTALLY wrong. But whatever. They’re long and lacquered. I can’t keep track of Seanchan’s society nuances.

anonymous asked:


“Yes, you have to Knotai,” Fortuona says, glaring at her husband. “I don’t care that you dislike it, you have to.”



“Fine.” He scowls and slams on his black hat, ignoring as he usually does the absurdity of it with the high fashion of Seandar, though lately others have been mimicking him. The First Prince of Ravens after all was a man to follow. 

“Your father is ridiculous,” she informs her still sleeping daughter, tiny Bridget resting in her crib. “Taking petitions isn’t that bad.”

(She regrets her words less than an hour and a fire in the throne room later)

From The Gathering Storm, chapter 35 “A Halo of Blackness”.

This is so in character for Nynaeve. If you’re one of her peoples, she won’t be shy about criticising you to your face, but if you need defending (or she thinks you need defending) she’s got your back.

And it’s funny, because Mat would probably do exactly the same thing.

wheel of time + @wolfpupy tweets
  • rand al'thor: life is about the journey not the destination, forget about the impact and just enjoy hurtling on fire in a downward trajectory
  • matrim cauthon: if you take a second to think about it, that's one second you have completely wasted
  • perrin aybara: if you underestimate a wolfs ability to wield a weapon just because of a lack of thumbs you will get what you deserve in the end.
  • egwene al'vere: things are going really well for me now that i've changed the meaning of really well to the opposite of what it means in my head.
  • min farshaw: looks like things are always happening once again
  • nynaeve al'meara: i won't do what i'm told, it involves listening to what people tell me
  • moiraine damodred: i did the best i could with the resources i was given, which was nothing
  • faile bashere: stop being so defensive i am just trying to hit you with weapons
  • tuon athaem al'paendrag: who would have thought that 10, 20, even 30 seconds later that the thing you said would still not matter to me, yes time is a cruel mistress
  • elayne trakand: i'm not going to claim that i know everything, i am simply going to act like it
  • aviendha: blood is just nature's red water that flys out when you make a mistake. relax and enjoy the experience for once
  • the dark one: when the sun goes out, the air turns to fire, and the streets run red with blood, i am probably to blame for it
  • asmodean: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • aginor: back in the frankenstein times you could make a monster whenever you wanted, these days you have to have a license or something i guess
  • lanfear: when you get your revenge on someone always immediately hit them with a second revenge, undercuts any counter-revenge or betrayal they have
  • graendal: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • ishamael/moridin: instead of spending all your time trying to make things better and failing you can cut out the middleman and just make things worse
  • the forsaken, generally: i don't want to throw anyone under the bus here unless they are my enemy or betrayer or if it will help me get where i'm going faster