@harnaamkaur and I are tired of your shitty gender roles. We shot this series for @theparallelmag to challenge what people are “allowed to do.” She has a beard due to a medical condition. She loves it and kills it! As for me, I just want to wear a skirt sometimes cuz I think it can look dope! The fact we socially relegate these fashion and styling attributes to certain genders just seems so frivolous and dangerous when you consider how aggressive people get when their confronted with these things that don’t fit into their understanding of how the world works. At the end of the day, just be yourself and love yourself and don’t judge others who are living that way. Think outside the parameters that we are lead to believe are absolute and see the world as it is! Much love to all of you!
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LIFE HACK for all my pierced babes out here tryna get jobs

(or for if you just have a pair of normal stud earrings you want to get some use out of)

So they sell these flesh tone plugs (you know, using “flesh tone” super lightly bc obviously not everyone is Whitey McWhiterson like me) that are supposed to be “retainers” to hide your stretched ears. But even if you get a decent skin tone match, they really don’t hide anything, they just look like you have giant plugs and bad taste.

But the thing about the silicone is that it’s super soft, so you can actually puncture it with a normal earring stud!

So all you have to do is find an earring big enough to cover (or at least distract from) the plug and then viola!

Where’s that pierced delinquent who sent in her resume? Hiding behind that professional young lady we’re about to hire, THAT’S where!

And an extra cool thing about it is that the silicone is sort of self-healing, so you don’t really damage it or wear it out by “piercing” it, so you can just get one pair and then wear however many different earrings you want with the same plugs.

I don’t remember how much the plugs initially cost, but as you can see from the example I linked, you can get them for less than $10, and these flower earrings I got at Hot Topic for $3, so it’s all pretty low cost too.

Now go look cute and make some bank!


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Herman Kuijer infills two tunnels in Zutphen with Immersive light works

Uniting the fields of architecture and art, Dutch designer Herman Kuijer has revealed two luminous installations for the historical town of Zutphen in the netherlands. situated at two different underpasses, linking a newly developed area with the traditional town center, these site-specific, permanent light installations take on physical form through colorful luminescent hues projected onto a concrete supporting structure. ‘it was a great challenge to work in this specific urban context where aesthetics are paired with accessibility and the safety of the user,’ kuijer says. ‘my task was to create a sustainable work to allow people to pass safely through and also experience the aesthetic quality of the light. improving the public domain is a continuous challenge in the netherlands.’  The gradation of light and color across both the marstunnel and kostverloren underpasses mimics the movement of nearby water, subtly changing in hue as time passes. beneath the cavernous glow, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians can experience the relationship between time and space, prompting them to interact with an ever-changing environment. as light moves and floats across the architectural surfaces — just as a water current traverses across a flat surface — visitors are reminded that they are standing at a place that, without man’s intervention, would be underwater.