While in Western cultures, it’s customary for the bride to wear white, to represent purity, that is starting to change. Many Western brides are wearing light off-whites like champagne, blush, and cream (and, of course, “something blue”). However, in many Eastern cultures, it’s common for brides to wear red, a color representing good luck.

Traditional wedding dresses from around the world

  1. Bride in red at a Nikah ceremony (South Asia)
  2. A red Qing dynasty style dress with a phoenix crown (Taiwan, China)
  3. A white kimono with a traditional tsunokakushi (Japan)
  4. A bride in green and yellow during her gaye holud ceremony (Bangladesh)
  5. Bride in a red and gold dress (Morocco)
  6. A white and blue dress with gold accents (Ethiopia)
  7. Jewish bride in her blue dress (Tunisia)
  8. Bride in a green and gold dress (Cambodia)
  9. A Tatar bride in dark green (Crimea)