Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up monster on the field; roll a six-sided die and that monster’s Level becomes the same as the result until the end of this turn.
‘Hallo Hallo, brain of tallow,
Guts are gone, noggin’s hollow.
Seeking sweets and marshing mallows,
Watch your back, and your candy sack.’

Can Be Found In: Circuit Break Sneak Peek Participation Card (CIBR-ENSP1), Circuit Break (CIBR-EN000)

Nowadays ATK and DEF stats don’t mean much with the many supporting tools and effects we can work with. Normal Monsters are a good example of this as back in the day only the strongest could stand out in most Decks, and nowadays anyone can have a vital purpose. Mostly working as materials, Normal Monsters became a valuable source for all kinds of setups from early to late game thanks to the many options arround them. From summoning particular Normal Monsters able to lead the board with support to recyclable materials, these creature are far away from back when only brute force could make them efficient.

“Hallohallo” is a small monster that combines several types on itself to become a valuable monster in various builds. Although a Normal Monster still carries a Pendulum effect, where allows us to throw a die to change a monster’s Level equal to the result until the end of the turn. However, “Hallohallo” stands out not only as a Pendulum Monster but also as a Tuner, and combined with its position as a Normal Monster with low stats gives it a wonderful start thanks to an arsenal of supporting cards at our disposition.

“Hallohallo” easily becomes one of the most supported monsters in the game due the various types on itself, becoming easily available for all sorts of build even if they don’t fully focus arround Pendulum Monsters. Most of these tools will let us obtain “Hallohallo” from the Deck, ranging from “Unexpected Dai” coming alone to “Tour Guide From the Underworld” bringing “Hallohallo” to work together for a bigger summon. One option in particular comes from Rescue monsters, starting the game with “Recue Rabbit” summoning two copies together to “Rescue Hamster” and “Rescue Ferret” as the game progresses. If we have Spells and Traps to spare in our Graveyard, “Treasure Panda” is able to summon “Hallohallo” and other Normal Monsters (Including copies) in a single turn to work as materials together. As a Pendulum Monster is most likely that will end in the Extra Deck soon or later, but if is sent to the Graveyard by being discarded from our hand or Deck or by being attached to a Xyz Monster later on we can revive it by one of many revival options such as “Crane Crane” or “Swing of Memories”.

As pointed out, “Hallohallo” might have a Pendulum effect and a solid Scale to work with, but is most likely that will take advantage of its several stats and supporting tools to work as the core material of many setups. Right from early game, “Hallohallo” will arrive along other monsters by little to no effort to prepare all sorts of bigger summons. That can go from using its Tuner status to Synchro Summon, to the many options arround Level 3 monsters for a Xyz Summon. Obviously we can also aim for a Link Summon, as thanks to its arrows we can Pendulum Summon “Hallohallo” along other Pendulum Monster(s) to further abuse its role as material. Although its Pendulum effect is random still has a valuable use if we wanna expand our setups arround Synchro Monsters as uses its Scale to Pendulum Summon materials to work along with, specially for some expensive monsters such as “Star Eater” or “Ultimaya Tzolkin”. Last but not least “Hallohallo” still also has a purpose arround Fusion Monsters, as either by being recycled or by the use of “Dragon’s Mirror” we can easily bring out “First of the Dragons” and its many invulnerabilities.

While “Hallohallo” is clearly a card just to celebrate the holidays, is undeniable its many uses as any Normal Monster. Combining several key stats to sinergize with all kinds of supporting cards and summons, “Hallohallo” can easily become one of the most reliable materials in the game . If anything its role as Pendulum Monster is what keeps it behind over other Normal Monsters, as its die effect is not something to rely on as well the fact Pendulum Summons got considerably weakened with the inclusion of the Extra Monster Zone. But still, by coming back and forth as the Duel progresses to prepare all sorts of summons the situation will ask for and the fact Xyz Monsters will ignore most rules arround Pendulum Monsters, “Hallohallo” is a flexible material ready to assist us with any kind of big summon we might need at the perfect moment.

Personal Rating: B+

+ Allow us to roll a die to change a monster’s Level until the end of the turn
+ Greatly supported due its many types and low stats
+ Flexible material for all kinds of summons

- Pendulum effect is unreliable due its randomness
- Due the mechanics arround Pendulum Monsters will keep it behind over other Normal Monsters unless we focus arround Xyz Monsters
- Will solely work as material or to use its Scales