Rare Cats Guide!

Full list of all rare cats and what to buy to attract them!

- Joe DiMeowgio - Baseball

- Senor Don Gato - Mister Mouse

- Xerxes IX - Zanzibar Cushion

- Chairman Meow - Earthenware Pot ~NEW~ Sunken Fireplace

- Saint Purrtrick - Kotatsu, Silk Crepe Pillow

- Ms. Fortune - Cardboard House

- Bob the Cat - Cat Metropolis

- Conductor Whiskers - Cardboard Choo-choo, Twisty Rail

- Tubbs - Frisky Bitz, Ritsy Bitz, Bonito Bitz, Deluxe Tuna Bitz, Sashimi ~NEW~ Giant Cushion

- Mr. Meowgi - Scratching Log, Sakura Pillow

- Lady Meow-Meow - Luxurious Hammock

- Guy Furry - Heating Stove, Glass Vase

- Kathmandu - Temari Ball ~NEW~ Lacquered Bowl

- Ramses the Great - Tent (Pyramid)

- Sassy Fran - Cardboard Cafe

- Billy the Kitten - Cowboy Hat

- Frosty - Pillow (Purple), Pillow (Yellow), Pillow (Green), Silk Crepe Pillow, Sakura Pillow, Maple Pillow, Snowy Pillow, Thick Cooling Pad, Marble Pad, Large Cooling Mat, Basket Case, Tent (Blizzard), Bureau with Pot.

- Sapphire - Fairy-tale Parasol, Tower of Treats

- Jeeves - Fairy-tale Parasol, Tower of Treats

- Bengal Jack - Luxury Treasure-box

Note: If there is more than one item that attracts a cat, you only need to purchase one of them, not all.

Remember that many of these rare cats prefer more expensive food, so if you haven’t had any success, just treat them to some Ritsy Bitz or Sashimi!