Please pray for the island of Puerto Rico, my people are experiencing one of the biggest droughts they ever have had and the government is alternating 3 days without water allowance and 1 day with water (that means no showers, no tap water, no laundry, no anything). The US gov’t is doing pretty much nothing to help and the US news is of course not talking about it. 

10 Vulgar Spanish Slang Words and Phrases from Puerto Rico: Infographic

If you are in the process of learning Spanish and plan to travel to Puerto Rico, keep in mind the following list of words and phrases. These 10 sayings are common in Puerto Rican Spanish but are too strong to be taught in school. You need to know them.

1. Me cago en la madre
“I shit on the mother” and means fuck! or shit!

2. Cabrón
“A billy goat,” is an insult and refers to a man whose wife or girlfriend cheated on him, a cuckold.

3. Mama bicho
“A dick sucker”

4. Hijo de la gran puta
“A big son of a bitch”

5. Bellaco

6. Maldita sea la madre que te parió
“Dam the mother fucking bitch who gave birth to you”

7. Chingar / Chichar
“To fuck”

8. Puñeta
From the word puño (fist) and means son-of-a-bitch! or shit! Also may be related to “jerking off” so be careful!

9. ¡Qué cojones!
“What balls!” or “He’s got some big balls” to mean someone has crossed the line

10. So Pendejo
Pendejo is a mild insult that means “idiot or sucker.” Add the word So to make it stronger like “big idiot or big sucker”

Source: Speakinglatino