Hey guys, Tam here!

I figured to let you guys know since I have a full month left of school, that the blog will go on its annual hiatus to focus on my studies.  I have two studio classes and one has a huge painting I need to have done for finals.  

However, I’ll be working on something for the week of Tumblrpon Prom.  I didn’t do it last year because I was waiting to reveal Topaz to the story, but this year I’ll be able to have the both of them attend the prom as a couple!  I’ll do what I did with Pearl’s blog back on my first tumblrpon prom–daily images the week of prom to lead up to the event.  I also have commissions to work on, so I need to get everything done!

I plan on trying to get back on a more frequent update schedule as I’m unhappy with the current one, so look forward to when school’s done and I can update more frequently!