This week marks 10 months of outlawiism, and 3 weeks of outlawiism vol. 2. It’s MIND BLOWING that I’m already on my way to a big milestone ! I feel like a bias list was way overdue anyway so here we are !! First of all, I just want to thank each and every brave person who still followed me on my new blog even though there were drastic changes and extreme limitations. But my new blog is already 100 times better than the old one has EVER been in its lifespan and that’s because all of you lovely peeps have been extremely supportive, understanding and so CARING and I cry so much over all of you on a daily basis. Not even gonna lie, I’ve never felt more validated as a writer than I did in these three weeks so I’m just gonna go ahead and LOVE ON my smol babes. I apologize in advance if I forget people, which will probably happen. If you’re following this blog you’re an automatic bae anyway so this one’s for you too !! And just a side note that the lists are all in alphabetical order <3

Lucy’s survival kit ( a.k.a a list of reasons why this blog lives on )

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The real MVP’s™ ( i keep them so close to my heart tbh like—super close )

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