Ugh. Reading a whole lot of ‘queer history’ posts on Tumblr that are exclusively North American. Elsewhere in the world, we have a different history, a different lexicon and different experiences. I have a different experience of coming out 21 years ago than someone in the USA would. Our politics were slightly different here, and still are.

For example ‘queer’ is just a mainstream word here in Australia. Perhaps some very old people (I’m thinking my late grandma) may have used it to mean ‘strange’, but I only ever heard the word referring to people who weren’t of mainstream sexes, sexualities or genders. The first time I heard that it was a slur was when a teenager demanded that I stop using ‘a slur’ to identify myself on my own Tumblr.  

I know Tumblr has a lot of US folks on it, but I think it’s important to remember that the USA is just one country, there are nearly 200 others. Your history is not everyone’s history. Your experience is not everyone’s experience. I will be respectful of your experiences where appropriate, but you also need to be respectful of mine. And that includes not trying to make me ashamed of the word that I use as my identity for any reason. 


Tumblr got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Her Universe Fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con! Get a close look at my couture gown by Andrew MacLaine and some of the show’s amazing designs. 


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This set includes “Where In The World” Topographical Wallpaper V2. This includes 12 additional colors and aligns with the rest of the styles. You certainly can keep the original - it won’t conflict - but I would suggest removing the old file.

Storytime with Ink Monster Bendy
Storytime with Ink Monster Bendy

*Exclusive to Tumblr*

(Had to reupload due to the file getting corrupted for some reason.  Hopefully it’s fixed.  *fingers crossed*)

Anyway, this is a gift for @shinyzango.  Decided to record myself as Ink Monster Bendy from her 2D Bendy AU reading Go the F*** to Sleep by Alan Mansbach.

Decided to upload the censored version since he’s still a cartoon despite being out of his page.  This was very fun to do, but damn, there were too many sound effects to choose from!  XC

Feel free to reblog, if you wish.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks!  ^^

Also, in case you wanted a full view of my thumbnail:

(I couldn’t resist drawing him with glasses.  XD)

Story © Alan Mansbach
Bendy © theMeatly
2D Bendy © @shinyzango
Audio/Thumbnail © JordantheCat11

Tumblr exclusive: A very cute shot of one of my regulars, Iris. 18 years old, Puerto Rican, and wears a size 8 shoe. She’s available for custom pics, videos and shoutouts. Act fast, for she will only be available for me to shoot until June 23rd. DM me for details.

Ink Bendy Voice Demo (Excerpt from "Break the Spell")
Ink Bendy Voice Demo (Excerpt from "Break the Spell")

*Exclusive to Tumblr and SoundCloud*

To listen to the SoundCloud version, go here: https://soundcloud.com/user-107848855/ink-bendy-voice-demo-excerpt-from-break-the-spell

A short while ago, I recorded myself reading some lines from a Bendy and the Ink Machine fan fiction called “Break the Spell” as Ink Bendy.  It’s part of the “Good Bend(y)” AU, which was created by both @whatisthisnonsense and @squigglydigg.  If you would like to read it for yourself, I encourage you to click this link here: http://whatisthisnonsense.tumblr.com/post/159363551115/title-breaking-the-spell-verse-good-bendy-with

My goal for this was to give you all a taste of how I would sound as the monstrous ink demon by going for a deeper, raspier vocal tone and using a demonic filter to differentiate from how I voice the cartoon version of him.  I toyed with the idea of using a faint echo as well, but decided to leave it out for now since it was a bit distracting.  I might use it for future dubs, but we’ll see how that turns out.

Hope you all enjoy this little excerpt and please, go support both @squigglydigg and @whatisthisnonsense because they’re both amazing and creative people!  ^^

Also, special thank you to @squigglydigg for letting me use one of her illustrations for the story as the album art for this audio.  Click here to see more of them: https://squigglydigg.tumblr.com/post/159402517076/illustrations-for-this-stellar-batim-fanfiction

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Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly

Sherlock “I Love You” Scene With Alternative Tragic Ending (4x03)

The “I Love You” Scene from 4x03 with an even more heartbreaking twist. (I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!)

I discussed the final problem with a colleague and she had a pretty damn convincing point: it doesn’t make any sense that there were no explosives in Molly’s flat. Euros has no regard whatsoever for human life. She kills the guard and his wife and the three brothers without even blinking an eyelash. She’s even prepared for Sherlock to kill Mycroft - her own brother. So… why spare Molly Hooper? And so this idea was born.

Am I a masochist for editing this? Maybe.
Are you all gonna hate me for this? Possibly.
Do I deserve to be punched with a shovel? Well, most definitely.

Anyway - I’m EXTREMELY nervous about this. Even though I spent a lot of time and work on the special fx I’m not a motion designer and I’m afraid they might look a bit… cheesy? I don’t know. The lovely  @remember–the–best encouraged me to upload it because I was too chicken to do it. So, it’s all her fault really. *laughs* It’s blocked worldwide on Youtube so it’s exclusively on tumblr. You’re welcome, folks! ;-)

Hey look, I wrote a kid!lock Sherlolly fic!

For @lilsherlockian1975‘s P, who is feeling poorly. The prompt (and story title) was “Blue”

“They’re not blue, they’re turquoise!”

“Fat lot you know! Turquoise is a kind of blue, so I’m still right!”

Mycroft rolled his eyes. Ugh, babysitting was the worst, especially when it wasn’t just Sherlock he was watching but Sherlock’s best friend Molly as well. The two of them could argue about the stupidest things.

He rolled his eyes again when Molly marched up to him with all the indignation a six-year-old could summon, brown eyes wide and lower lip trembling. “I’m right, aren’t I, Mykie? It’s turquoise, not just plain old stupid blue.”

“If you must know, they’re actually aquamarine,” he replied with all the authority an annoyed fifteen-year-old could summon…which in his case was quite a lot. “Sherlock just likes to be stubborn.”

The threat of tears abated, he gave a silent sigh of relief as Molly marched back over to Sherlock. “Mykie’s always right,” she said happily, giving Sherlock a kiss on the cheek. “Your eyes aren’t blue and they aren’t turquoise so we’re both wrong and that’s good!”

Sherlock tried to hide his blush with a scowl, but Molly only giggled…and Mycroft just rolled his eyes again.

If those two didn’t grow up to marry each other, he would eat his trigonmetry book!

Handling his dual blade lightsaber, Maul came close to Rey and in his soft voice said “Find my bones in Tattooine. Take them to my ancestral home of Dathomir and I can teach you the ways of the force far better than that old fool Skywalker and his simpering nephew ever could. Help me and together we’ll rule this galaxy, my dear apprentice”

Rey woke in a cold sweat. A dream, yes. But also a promise to be powerful might be too good to pass up.

“Are you not scared of me, Scavenger?”

“Scared? I was raised in the harshness of Jakku. I was hunted for my body since I was a child by monsters who either wanted to eat me, kill me or sell me to the highest bidder. I know starvation so well it was by best companion. Sleep is a stranger to me because I laid awake for most of my life, my weapon close to my chest. Every day, a mark. A testament that I survived one more day in a dusty hell, one more day that I managed not to be taken away to slavery, dead in the bottom of a an abandon wreckage or worst, a bride to an some blob-fish with a penchant for younger women and you think I’m scared of you? Oh, Kylo Ren… I wouldn’t even know how to be scared even if I tried.”

Ok so I haven’t seen anyone in Tumblr post about this exclusive movie book that they only sold after the movie. It is a book that has info and interviews on the voice actors and screen shots of the movie. I will post about the whole book but will post 2 different posts in order to divide it better. Stay tuned!! 🤗

Pretending to be Normal by Liane Holliday Willey is a memoir of a woman figuring out she’s autistic after her child was diagnosed with autism.

Though she doesn’t use the phrase “self diagnosis,” it’s essentially a memoir about her self diagnosis process. It has a forward by autism researcher Tony Attwood, who was supportive of Willey’s self diagnosis. There’s a note where Willey expresses that she’s not interested in professional diagnosis at the time of writing.

This book was published in the 90s. Acceptance of autistic self diagnosis in our community isn’t new or exclusive to tumblr. And lo and behold, it hasn’t harmed anyone!

If a person learns about autism and thinks “that sounds a lot like me and would explain a lot of my experiences and struggles” that is not hurting anyone. Not even if they decide not to pursue a professional diagnosis. If you’re pretty sure you’re autistic, you’re not hurting anyone by saying “I’m autistic.”

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18 + 31 starmora!!!!

18. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.” // 31. “Don’t worry about me.”

I had a lil too much fun with this one so beware angst/fluff and a cameo from our fav baby groot :’)))

Send me a prompt for a way to say “I love you”!!!!

Apparently, part of destroying “the light” via destroying Ego had more consequences than Peter initially expected.

There was definitely the part about his immortality going away, which, what the fuck, why would Peter want to be immortal anyway, but then there had also been the part about Peter being “just like everyone else,” which was how Peter lived his entire life up until meeting Ego and spending, like, two days with him, so Peter really hadn’t thought much of Ego’s warning.

Then he totally sneezed in Gamora’s face this morning when he woke up and, honestly, he wonders how he’s still alive.

(He’d never seen her look so angry, yet disgusted, at the same time before. It was interesting.)

And now, an hour later, he’s holed up in their shared room, shivering as he’s curled up under covers he never remembered being so thin, and Gamora’s just standing over the bed, staring down at him.

“You’re sick,” she diagnoses.

“Thank you, Doctor Gamora,” Peter quips, sniffling along with his words. “Really, I had no idea.”

Gamora rolls her eyes. “Don’t test me when you can’t fight back.”

But her voice is teasing, and Peter can’t help but smile a little. “Sure thing. So, doctor, can you cure me?”

“Possibly,” Gamora says. She leans over, placing her hand on Peter’s forehead. “But I’m still concerned about your temperature.”

“’S’fine,” Peter insists through a yawn. His eyes feel really heavy.

“When was the last time you were this sick?”

Honestly? Peter can’t really remember, though he’s not sure if that’s because of the sickness fogging up his brain. So he just shrugs.

Gamora turns as tiny footsteps come from their doorway. Peter watches Gamora crouch down, then stand back up with a bottle containing a red liquid. Then he notices vines coming up the side of the bed as Groot climbs up, looking up at Peter through wide eyes.

“I am Groot,” he says, and his sad tone makes his meaning clear.

“Be careful, Groot,” Gamora advises, placing the bottle on their nightstand. She scoops Groot up in her hands, holding him at a safe distance from the bed. “Peter’s sick, and I don’t want you to get sick.”

“Sorry, buddy,” Peter says, offering Groot a reassuring smile. “But don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Gamora’s gonna take care of me.”

“I am Groot!”

“I know you wanna take care of me, too, but Gamora’s right on this one,” Peter says. “I don’t want you accidentally getting sick from me.”

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t know for sure that you can catch the same sicknesses as Peter,” Gamora says, gently running her thumb down Groot’s back. “But while you’re still little, we don’t want to risk it, okay?”

“I am Groot…”

“Hey, but while I’m down for the count, the others might need extra help with stuff,” Peter says, sitting up a little. “Y’see, I can’t lead the infamous Guardians of the Galaxy from my bed, so y’think you can take over being Star-Lord for a bit?”

“I am Groot?”

“Yes, you get to tell everyone else what to do! It’s fun.”

Peter grins as a small, amused smile forms on Gamora’s face. Groot seems pleased by this, so he nods, his expression suddenly very serious. He looks up at Gamora, who then returns him to the ground so he can run off and fulfill Peter’s mission.

After Groot’s gone, Gamora picks up the bottle and turns her attention back to Peter. “That should keep Groot occupied, though you also may have just created a monster.”

“He’ll have fun.” The image of Groot bossing Rocket and Drax around fills Peter’s mind for a moment. He laughs a little.

“Here. Drink this, you’ll feel better,” Gamora says, carefully pouring a very calculated amount into an empty glass she’d put on the table. She hands it to him. “This is a concoction developed by Kraglin, Drax, and Groot to help you. Kraglin is the most knowledgeable about your physiology since he’s known you the longest, Drax knows some things about medicine from taking care of his daughter, and then Groot added in some herbs he’s learned how to grow recently.”

Peter just blinks at her, then looks at the glass in his hands. “So, basically, you guys all made this up, like, five minutes ago, and it might poison me.”

“It’s not toxic,” Gamora insists.

Whatever. Peter does feel just short of horrible, so he’s willing to try anything at this point. He quickly downs it, not surprised to find it somewhat disgusting in taste. Fortunately, Gamora swaps out his empty glass for one full of water in, like, less than a second, so Peter’s quickly washing the taste out of his mouth.

“There, see? Not toxic,” Gamora says proudly.

He sighs a little as he pulls the water away from his mouth, setting it back on the nightstand. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” She looks at him expectantly for several moments. He just watches her in return. Then, “Do you feel better?”

“Uh,” Peter says, sniffling, “on Terra, it takes a while for medicine to kick in. And since I’m full-Terran now, I guess, I’m just gonna have to wait.”

“Oh.” Gamora seems a little disappointed by that, but Peter finds it endearing. She places a hand on the bed. “What else do Terrans do to get better quickly?”

“Not much besides medicine and sleep,” Peter explains with a cough. “So, yeah, you’re pretty much relieved of your doctor duties.”

But Gamora just continues to stare at him, apparently not about to leave him alone. Peter sighs.

“Look, Gamora, don’t worry about me,” he says. “Really. It’ll be over before you know it. I’ll be back to kicking ass and dancing and all that good stuff soon, ‘kay?”

“Are you sure?” She averts her eyes momentarily, piquing Peter’s interest. “I…know your mother died of a Terran illness, so I just wanted to be sure…”

Something tightens in Peter’s chest at that. He quickly grabs Gamora’s hand, squeezing it. “My mom had a different kind of Terran illness, much worse than this,” he explains. “And, yeah, Ego caused it, so she didn’t naturally get it like I caught this, but, uh…anyway. This is a really common sickness that everyone gets every once in a while there. So, no need to worry.”

Gamora nods, meeting his eyes again. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bring up your mother.”

Peter shakes his head. “It’s fine. But, really, thank you for looking out for me. It’s…been a while since someone’s really done it to this extent, I guess.”

“Of course.” She smiles again, letting the last of the sadness fade from her expression.

Then a wave of cold hits Peter before he can reply, causing him to shiver. Gamora leans in more closely, practically smirking now. “I don’t believe I can catch Terran illnesses and you appear to need additional warmth, so…”

“You’re too kind to me,” Peter says loudly, only to be cut off by a cough.

Gamora simply crawls under the covers beside him, wrapping her arms around his midsection. He wraps an arm around her shoulders, resting his head beside hers.

“But if you sneeze on me again, Star-Lord, I swear…”

“I won’t, I won’t! I promise!”

(He manages to keep the promise, surprisingly, though there are at least three close calls.)

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adding to my own cree!zoo. 

batboy!cree and daddy graves

graphic by the ever amazing @percysweetheart & inspired by this

warnings: nsfw(duh), rimming, pet/master dynamic ish, underage implied.

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