Tumblr prom

Hey guys so I had a cute idea (at least I think its cute)

So a lot of us aren’t going to prom this year for one reason or another but everyone likes to dress up and look good soooo

  • It would be nice if you were following me (optional)
  • You must reblog this post
  • Take this quick survey (if you don’t you won’t be considered)
  • Must reach 35 notes (or it never happened okay)
  • Ends April 26th aka my prom 
what will happen
  1. you will receive the url of your prom date
  2. you can court them with cute, anon messages 
  3. you will submit to them a picture of you at the end of the week (it would be cute if you were all dressed up, but you don’t have to)
  4. I will give out awards (Prom King and Prom Queen, cutest couple, ect.) 
  5. it will be adorable I promise

so yeah I just thought this would be a fun thing to do <3 Go do the thing! 

UPDATE: I know I said it would close the 26th but I have gotten so many more people than I thought I would! So I am officially closing it because I have almost a thousand people to match! I will do this next year if I remember though, and than you all so much for entering :) 

Sirius: James and Peter are waiting. 

Remus: Hey, you don’t have to tell me… I’ve been waiting on you- *looks up and freezes* 


Sirius: *stares for a moment* *shakes his head and coughs* … I feel like I’m missing out on a really awesome joke right now. 

Remus: You were just up there for so long… trying to find something to wear- *snorts* Merlin…

Remus: … And then you come down in that… *wheezes*

Sirius: *stares in fascination as Remus struggles to contain himself* *grins from ear to ear*  

Remus: *takes a deep breath* 

Remus: *glances down* Where… *corner of his mouth twitches* Where are your shoes?

Sirius: *shrugs casually* 

Remus: ……… 

Sirius: I’ve never seen you wear a suit before…

Remus: *beams* You like it?

Sirius: I thought you said you weren’t going tonight? 

Remus: Yeah… I… I didn’t have any formal-wear… and I hadn’t asked anyone… but then someone asked me, and James is sick and he had this suit…  

*shrugs* … It was kind of a last minute thing. 

Remus: *laughs* When do you NOT look like you walked off the cover of a magazine?

Sirius: Of course… she’s liked you for ages. 

Remus: *shrugs* I dunno. 

Sirius: *rolls eyes* Uh hu… you’re oblivious mate. 

Remus: … Who did you ask?

Sirius: … *raises an eyebrow suggestively* She’s french. 

Sirius: … *plasters on a smirk* I’m always ready. *winks and walks past Remus* 

Hey guys! So I saw this post about a tumblr prom awhile back and thought that it’d be super fun to get a bunch of people together to participate in it so we can all have one big tumblr prom!

What it is:

  • Tumblr Prom is May 24th
  • I’ll match you up with someone with similar interests/age/preferred gender and they’ll be your prom date! Or you can choose to ask someone you know to be your date and still partake in the prom night.
  • You can send your date cute messages the few weeks before the prom so you can get to know each other.
  • On the night of the prom, you and your prom date will get dressed up and post/submit pictures to each other of yourselves all dressed up. You can also submit those pictures to the official blog for everyone else to see.
  • I’ll give out awards for Prom Couple (like Prom king and queen, but gender neutral)
  • On the blog, there will be playlists for you to listen/dance to and possibly a few other events


  • reblog this post
  • Take this survey (required if you’d like to be matched up with someone)
  • mbf my Tumblr Prom blog (here you’ll see updates, events, and, on the night of the prom, pictures that everyone can submit of their prom outfits)
  • it’d also be nice if you were following me (but that’s optional)
  • I’ll accept applications for match-ups until April 27 or when it reaches 1000 applicants (whichever comes first)


  • There’s no age limit!
  • You can still enter if you’re  going to/have gone to a irl prom.
  • You don’thave to dress up fancy. You can choose to cosplay, do a themed outfit, or just wear normal clothes. It’s all up to you and your prom date!
  • I’ll send out matched-up URLs some time before May 1st.