Tumblr prom


Okay here’s a reminder of exactly how tomorrow’s going to go:

  • Prom goes on all day long. I’ll be online from 2pm-12am MST. 
  • You and your prom date get dressed up (whether that be in your fanciest clothing or you couple cosplay or you just decide to take some cute selfies in your pjs… it’s up to you two)
  • Take a picture or two of yourself
  • Submit the pictures to your prom date
  • If you want to enter the contest, submit the pictures of both you and your prom date to the blog with a small caption (include your URLs and names… and if your cosplaying, the names of your characters)
  • If you post pictures to your blog, you can tag them #dashpromposal.
  • On Sunday, there will be a poll where everyone can vote on their favorite couples in 4 different categories: Favorite Overall, Best Cosplay, Best Formal, Cutest Couple. The winning couples of each category will receive bragging rights and promos on my personal blog. The winning couple of Favorite Overall will receive bragging rights, promos, and a small prize (in the form of gift cards probably). All the winners will be announced on Monday.