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but I will! ahahahhaa jk

anw so to the new people, yeah I made this three years ago so I could join kataang week and be featured on the blog (yaaayy) and now I’m actually a mod for the event like??? oh my God????? WOW

also so over the years, I learned how to make gifs (and hopefully got better at it!), meta, grew as writer (ha again hopefully), made some online friends (you know who you are hehe), and much much more.


number of years on this blog: 3
number of current followers: 2372
highest number of notes I ever got on a post: 94054 here
number of themes my blog has had: 3 (I think???)
number of urls I’ve had: 3 (this is the third)
number of people irl who know this is my blog without me telling them because they found it: 4 (heyo you guys)
number of people who weren’t supposed to know this was my blog but ended up knowing anyway: 5 (tim, you are the addition)
number of major senpais I had: 4 ( @eskalations @secretsecrettunnel @pidgepitchu @shadoninja) (also they all became my mutuals so OH MY GOD RIGHT
number of times I have accidentally forgottten to reply to messages/asks: I N F I N I T Y (sorry)

anw yeaaahhh again thanks for everything, guys. Tumblr, my followers, the blogs I follow, everyone who makes up my Tumblr experience. The past year was very busy and eventful for me especially in my personal non-Tumblr life (arguably the year was also a trainwreck HAHA) but eh, another year that made me who I am nonetheless.

Basically thanks for another year, the past three years, and to how many more years I will stay active on this site! To an indefinite amount of time!

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(okay that is all haha)

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hi! so, I'm thinking about getting a tumblr soon (ahhhhh) and I don't know anything about actually *using* tumblr. what sort of tag tracker-ish thing do you recommend? (and does one exist where I can ttrack tags and not just keywords?) can I look for themes? what's the protocol for using someone else's theme? what the hell is a queue, and how do I use it? (this is not for your AMA, I just need the advice of someone who knows their stuff :D ) thanks ❤️❤️

Hi there! This is a great list of questions, Nonny. I’m going to toss a resource at you first: @skyler10fic has a page in her New to the Fandom Guide all about Tumblr.

 I use xkit @new-xkit-extension for tracking tags. One of their extensions is Tag Tracker+, and it will do exactly what you’re asking–redirecting from /search/ to /tagged/.

I’m not a theme expert, I’m afraid. For the most part, I think you can use almost any theme you see. Most blogs will have a link somewhere to the theme so you can add it to your blog. Skyler’s got some great tips on choosing themes in that page I listed, so I recommend starting there. 

A queue is a way to space posts out and keep your blog active even when you’re not online. For me, it’s one way I keep from reblogging ten cute cats pics in a row. ;) It’s also helpful if there’s something really popular on your dash, like when David is at a con or Billie wins an award and everyone is posting about it. I queue those posts so they show up in a week or ten days, after the main furore has died down, so people enjoy seeing the posts again. 

Here’s what I do: when I see a post I want to reblog, I add my tags, but then I draft it instead of posting it. Then every few nights, I go into my drafts and pick and choose what to put in the queue. From drafts, every post has an option to Send to Queue. 

You can have up to 300 posts in your queue. Since I basically run my blog from my queue, I have it set to post 15 posts a day. Anything you schedule will go into your queue too, so for instance when I schedule the evening and weekend reblogs of my fic, those count towards the 300 max in my queue. 

And 15 posts/day is on the higher end. Lots of people only do maybe 5 posts, during times of the day when they know they won’t be on Tumblr. 

I’m going to cut myself off here, because I have a tendency to ramble and overwhelm people with too much information. Feel free to send another ask with follow up questions!

tfw a three year old article about an antisemitic incident is making the rounds on tumblr again. Which means that most of the people reblogging it A. didn’t pay attention when it happened 3 years ago despite the best efforts of Jews and Roma, and B. didn’t actually click on the link to read the article and therefore see its date. 

(Also: when that article made the rounds last year, a lot of Jewish tumblr users panicked because they thought it had happened again.)

Good intentions do mean something, but c’mon, ppl. This sort of thing makes it seem like your concern about antisemitism is more performative than anything else.


I have something to say to you, my dear followers...

Today, I’ve learned about something and it made me ashamed… Truly ashamed. 

I’ve been told someone had repost one of my comic page without credits on their blog. This is something I find very sad, but this is not why I’m ashamed. 

I’m ashamed because, on my behalf/without telling me first or for some reason I can’t even explain, some people have sent death threat to that person for the only reason my art wasn’t credited. And I feel very bad about it. VERY BAD. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s ok to repost art without crediting or asking the artist. I, myself, don’t like when people repost my art for reason I’ll detail later. But I can’t agree with that and let people harassing other because they think they are some kind of justice warriors or I don’t know… We are all humans behind our laptops and computers and words can hurt a lot, you never know what the person you’re harassing is going through at the moment IRL or not and it can make so much damage on them… I just can’t accept that!!!!

There is nothing in this behavior that is related to the way I see modern witchcraft or the way I want to make you feel by drawing this comic… This is against everything I believe in. 

Come on, be human for a second. 

I’m feeling really bad about this… Really… Even if it’s bad to repost art without credits or approbation of the artist, this action doesn’t deserve death threats, like… seriously guys! WTH? I don’t like reposts and art theft AT ALL, but there is no way you can say something like that to someone because they did it! 

I support artists who’s art is being stolen a lot or reposted all the time without credits on a lot of website or social media. It’s happening to a lot of my friends and it’s always sad. 

I post my art directly on Tumblr so it can be reblogged from my blog Modern Witches Daily, with the proper credits and source. I feel uncomfortable with reposts on Tumblr because I created my blog to share my art with everyone not for other people to share it for me. And most of the time, nobody asks me before doing it. Even if the intention is good, it kinda hurts, especially when you see a repost with more notes than your original post and where you’re not credited. You can all understand that, I think. I put a lot of energy into that comic and notes are like… a reward, yes, kind of, it’s like… something telling me that people love my work and, as an artist (who is sometime going through phases of I-don’t-like-my-art-anymore), it’s very important! But how can I know it if other people share it instead of me and without credits? 

But still, it’s doesn’t justify in ANY case that someone receive death threats in their ask box because they didn’t credited me. Ear me well, here and now, I don’t want you to defend me/my art by harassing other people on Tumblr or anywhere else, not on my watch! If you see a repost or anything, send me a PM on Tumblr and I’ll handle this myself! Alright?

I never asked for that kind of “defense”, and it hurts me more than anything to see how rude people can be because they think they are doing this for me or for the art community… But I refuse to be related to this kind of violence! I find this terribly wrong, no matter what the problem is here, death threats are not the way and never will be! 

The day I’ll need your help will be when big companies or t-shirt printing websites will have their hand on my art without my agreement, and sell it. Then, I’ll need you to signal these actions, but I’ll never need you to send death threat to anyone, because this is very serious, terrible and shameful.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it won’t happen again! 

You’re supporting me a lot and I don’t want a group of my followers to hurt other people for this kind of stuff. Please, contact me first before being rude to any other human being if you see uncredited reposts! May this be a positive lesson for all parts of this story! 

Sorry for all those who aren’t concerned, I needed to be clear on that! 

I send you a lot of good and peaceful vibes,


Vicky from Modern Witches Daily ~ 


ok ok ok WOW HOLLY SHIT JUST TOO MUCH! HEEL TRUNS after cap just what the shit is going on here

……………………….my god no no nooooooooo!…….one is safe run just RUUUUUUUUN!