The storm growled low; 
groggily turned in its half-slumber. 
It bunched clouds into a comfortable position
then weakly pulled over the covers of night
to keep the wind from getting too cold.
A subconscious thought suggest that I notice.
In response I gazed but longingly stared past,
beside the blanket of clouds pulled away 
and into the eyes of Cepheus
who warmed me with his royal smile.
In an ancient language
he made me promise to put away for the night.
I didn’t understand, but knew.
So I laid back and fell fast asleep,
faster, even, than the fire.

Beside Myself



There is something deeply comforting about the vastness of space. No matter how big our problems are, no matter how large they seem to us, to the universe we aren’t even blips on its radar. We exist so briefly that for the universe we are a millisecond of a milliseconds worth of existence. Whenever I gaze at the stars and then look back at my greatest problem of the day, suddenly everything seems so very small and so very insignificant. We get a millisecond of a milliseconds worth of life. Why not spend as much of that as we can trying to be happy and doing the things we love instead of making ourselves ache?
—  Nikita Gill
You can’t
you can’t just turn it off
you think it’s gone
he’s out
the thought of him with her brings no emotion
but then
you see his face in a dream
you touch him
it’s so real
he’s back
—  you haunt me
i loved him.
it wasn’t the sort of love
they wrote novels about,
the kind that glows,
but the quiet kind.
the kind too soft
for love songs,
for endless love poems,
hidden behind shy smiles
and forbidden glances.
the kind that played
long after curtains were drawn,
long after his feet
had left the stage.
it was the kind of love
i hid behind concern,
hoping that one day
he might fall in return.
—  poeticallyordinary 
She asked me, “How do I look?”
and I swear, “You look beautiful”
was the biggest lie I’ve ever told,
because she didn’t look beautiful, 
she looked like a dance of sunsets 
and galaxies, she looked like fairy 
dust and spring mornings, 
she looked so much more 
than just beautiful.

~girls are magic

I miss you

I miss the sound of your laugh—carefree and light,
Like a favorite song I hadn’t heard in awhile.

I miss your smile, beaming brighter than a thousand suns…
Lighting up the darkest of places,
Infectious in its intensity

I miss the feel of your lips on mine
Perfect and full

I miss it
The way the moment I ventured to kiss you
A match lit in a methane filled room
The intensity with which you’d grab me

As if you’d been craving me
All this time that we were apart…

I miss dancing with you
Alone together in a crowded room
The music mesmerizing
Our bodies moving in perfect synchronization
Swaying to the beat
Every nerve ending ablaze
Electricity crackling between us

I miss the way you looked at me that night
Your eyes never leaving mine
Two lost souls seeking the North Star
Existing in an eclipse
And discovering, for the first time,
The moon again.

I miss the way we made everything feel like an adventure
I miss the way we made everything brand new

I miss the peace you brought me
Like a warm fire on a cold day
Like coming home…

Your existence a ray of hope
That I might not be alone in this world.

Soothing my fears
Of a future unknown
Of a future alone.

—  Alex Wilde