Author’s Note: This was my first request from @justanotherfanficreader! And I struggled a bit at the beginning but I had fun writing this. I think husband!Lin is my favorite to write. Because gah!

Prompt:  258? (Shit! Are you bleeding) Husband!Lin x reader? Please?

I may or may not be posting another story tonight….hmmm…

Word Count: 1636 (a tad bit short)

You loved the life you had at the theatre. It was a bit of a change from your last job, where you were a kindergarten teacher. You loved the kids, but this was a great change from the little ones. Of course, your husband could argue that him and his co-workers were like kindergarteners. And he was partially true. There were days that you had to yell at them during rehearsals.

“Lin! Don’t jump on Daveed’s back like that.”

“Anthony, Lin, Chris, what the hell are you doing!”

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