The inaugural film from Dekline Footwear, “TRUE BLUE” had its global release at the infamous La Paloma Theatre in Encinitas, CA. The video highlights Dekline team riders Blake Carpenter, Chad Tim Tim, James Hardy, Pat Burke, Nick Merlino, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ryan Spencer, Matt Bennett, & Dakota Servold.

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After being pro for 5 months on Toy Machine, we met up with the homie Jeremy Leabres at the local warm-up spot. Here’s what he has going on & coming up.

Since you moved out from your old pad who are your new roommates?
Corey Glick, Aidan Campbell, & Cole Wilson

What are your plans this summer?
Emerica/Lakai trip (Stay Flared Tour) that starts at the end of May. Right after that the Tum Yeto Super Tour.

How many tours/trips have you been on?
– Haven’t been keeping count. That’s too many digits right there.

Dream spot/location to tour?
–  Anywhere with any of my friends as long as we’re skating good spots.

Overall favorite trip?
– the Tum Yeto trip to Kentucky ’cause that’s where we met Cole (Wilson). It was really productive, a lot of good times.

Favorite team mates?
– Everyone that I go on trips with.

Filming for any upcoming videos?
– We got the Toy Machine video in a couple years, working on a Real Street part for next year. And there might be an Emerica project in the works.

Thanks Jeremy!