Tuesday Night Sketch

Speed Art 54 - Eternal Sailor Moon - Tuesday Night Sketch Series
Happy to be back and posting videos!! Jumping back in with this commissioned piece of Eternal Sailor Moon!!! Full Illustration here---- http://elizabethbeals...

In the event that you’re unaware of the highly talented artist that is Elizabeth Beals, this video is for you! It’s the latest in her YouTube “speed art” series, which is very often accompanied by chipmusic; this one in particular features Parallelis​’ Volume 4 jam, ‘Eternal Bioluminescence’! #EnjoyChiptunes



TNS: Rapunzel

Hey Guys! Made this Illustration for ImagineFX’s monthly art contest, which was themed ‘Disney Princess Pin-up’. Went a more modest route and referenced 'Moonlight and Roses’ & 'A Delightful Date’ by Gil Elvgren. Hope y'all enjoy it <3 

Speed art HERE 
Also Doubling for my 'Freebie’ challenge over at ye ol' Square Carousel <3

Elizabeth B.

Monument Valley

Speed Art HERE

Was a lot of fun working on this illustration, trying to find a way to combine my more detailed style with the beautiful simplicity of the game.
Ended up being my first full line-less drawing and I really dig it, might mess around more in this area :D

But yeah, if you haven’t played Monument Valley you’re really missing out!

Elizabeth B.