Tuesday Night Sketch

TNS: Rapunzel

Hey Guys! Made this Illustration for ImagineFX’s monthly art contest, which was themed ‘Disney Princess Pin-up’. Went a more modest route and referenced 'Moonlight and Roses’ & 'A Delightful Date’ by Gil Elvgren. Hope y'all enjoy it <3 

Speed art HERE 
Also Doubling for my 'Freebie’ challenge over at ye ol' Square Carousel <3

Elizabeth B.

Monument Valley

Speed Art HERE

Was a lot of fun working on this illustration, trying to find a way to combine my more detailed style with the beautiful simplicity of the game.
Ended up being my first full line-less drawing and I really dig it, might mess around more in this area :D

But yeah, if you haven’t played Monument Valley you’re really missing out!

Elizabeth B.