This is my cat Tigger, she is 12 years old and has been missing since September 19th 2015. I am posting this everywhere I possibly can. you can contact me at paigepaz.cam070@hotmail.com or though any social media that you see this. PLEASE SHARE THIS. she is a therapy cat and helps to control my anxety and depression. I have already lost a pet this year and i dont know what will happen if i loose another. she is my world. i am offering a 200$ reward, she is worth so much more that that but its all i can do. the last time i saw her she was in heat and is not fixed, any other information you need from me please dont be afraid to ask. thank you for your time.

This is my cat, Spencer. He went missing & I’m in another country meaning I can’t look for him. He means the world to me. If you live in Tucson AZ, I would appreciate it so much if you could keep an eye out & let me know if you see him. I live around the 4th Ave area. So anywhere from the University, Tucson High, or Broadway/Campbell would be a good guess as to where he could be. Feel free to message me even if it’s anon, just let me know & reblog if you have any followers from Tucson. thanks a lot guys.