Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

tucker & dale and the instigation of internet mob culture

Re-watching Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (the parody movie where the rednecks in the woods are the hapless protagonists and its the bunch of paranoid college kids causing all the problems.)

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I’d forgotten how much the situation was escalated by the one teenager who was clearly looking for an excuse to hurt people.  The college kid that, at the beginning of the movie, explicitly declares himself a better person than those around him.


He’s the one who tells his friends “what’s really going on here is worse than you think.” He’s the one who insists they handle it themselves and not through official channels. He’s the one who casts his opponents as “pure evil” and says “we finally have a chance to fight back without rules.” When some of the other teenagers express uncertainty he’s the one that says if they can’t handle what needs to be done, maybe they deserve to die, too.

“We have to burn this place to the ground.  Destroy it completely. You have no IDEA what this is all about, do you Allison? These freaks are evil. And they deserve everything that’s coming to them.”

I’d never realized before how closely every single plot point in the movie mirrors the way mob culture instigators will rile up the masses under the guise of “social justice”:

  1. You assume bad faith in your opponents.
  2. You declare your opponents subhuman and acceptable to hurt by any means.
  3. You discourage the use of peaceful or official methods to address the issue.
  4. You keep your followers in line through fear of the “other” and threats of ousting them into that group if they become “contaminated.”
  5. You revel in as much chaos and pain as you can inflict–

–after all, you’re the good guy.

All i need in my life right now is the VAs dressed as their paladin and/or the paladins dressed as the other roles their VAs play (Keith as Glenn,Pidge as Audrey,Space dad as spiderman,etc).

Headcanon: One time, Roadhog and Junkrat hid out in a cabin the woods and were mistaken for a couple of creepy serial killers by a bunch of dumb college kids. A few misunderstandings later, and said kids wound up accidentally getting themselves killed in a multitude of gory, yet hilarious ways. The two Junkers disposed of the bodies, and agreed to never speak of the incident again.

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Doozy of a day

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Joke context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euwaRQ0qljw


I thought I was just common knowledge that Tucker and Dale from “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” were shagging each other, but apparently it isn’t?

I don’t know why, because they all but say it outright. Early on in the movie a shopkeeper reads out a list of things Tucker has bought for his and Dales stay at the cabin. Food and tools for fixing up the cabin, but also condoms, lube and wetvibes. They make it very clear several times that nobody else live near the cabin, that they intend to only spend time with each other, and that the drive is long and difficult so they won’t be going back to “civilization” any time soon. So it’s safe to say the condoms and lube were for them. Add to that that they’re very comfortable with being intimate with each other.

Obviously they aren’t in a committed relationship, what with all that talk about women, but more of a friends-with-benefits-I’m-drunk-and-horny-and-I-like-you sort of thing.

We’ve had a doozy of a day, officer. There we were, mindin’ our own business. Makin’ some improvements to our new vacation home. When all the sudden, these kids start killin’ themselves all over my property! Now, I don’t know about how much experience you’ve had with this kind of thing, but me and Dale here, well, we ain’t had any.

I Dug My Grave and Walked Away
  • I Dug My Grave and Walked Away
  • Mass Undergoe
  • Mass Undergoe [Explicit]

i dug my grave and walked away | mass undergoe

Watched Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and thought the end credit song was pretty badass that i HAD to buy it off amazon as soon as possible.