Let’s just see how this goes, Obviously I would. But how many DP fans are still left out there wanting more?

EDIT - Wow it’s amazing to see how many reblogs this is getting so far!. It’s touching to see that the Fandom still lives after all this time and is hungry for more!.


I had to do it! xDD Sam looks so cute when he’s angry! >w< xDD
Now it was Dash, Paulina, Star and Kwan’s turn to have their GB version xD their names would be Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye and Kwyn! xD
Lo tenia que hacer! xDD Que lindo se ve Sam cuando se enoja! >w< xDD
Ahora era el turno de Dash, Paulina, Star y Kwan tener su version GB xD Su nombres serian Daphne (Daph), Paulo, Skye y Kwyn! xD