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rohrkatze  asked:

For me, one of the hottest scene by Tom Hardy is the paintball scene in This means war. Could you do a Tom/Tuck version of this (or something like this)?

I did something like it. A bit of different reactions :D 

Hope you like it!


On their first date out, Tuck had decided to take Tom paintballing.

It was supposed to be a way for Tuck to show off a bit, impress Tom and to show him he was a “dangerous, wild” man without any real element of danger. He didn’t want to be safe. Safe meant boring, safe meant predictable and Tuck didn’t want to be safe.

It wasn’t a full blown paintball scene, no guys dressed in army gear, way too into it. It was where teenagers went with friends, parents took their kids. It was fun and that was what Tuck wanted, because he didn’t want Tom to be hurt either.

They geared up in knee and elbow pads, a vest and goggles and given their paintball guns. Tuck was ready first, waiting to go out when Tom finally joined him.

“Hey, I’m ready! This is so awesome, I’ve never done this before.”

“Well that answers my question about you handling a weapon.”

Tom laughed a little, holding his gun the way most civilians did, the way they imagined they were supposed to hold them. He looked adorable in his jeans and shirt, his vest over his chest, his goggles pushing up his tousled hair. Tuck nodded and said,

“Okay well first rule, you keep that end of the gun pointed away from me.”

Tom laughed and nodded.

“I promise.”

Tuck nodded and once they pulled their goggles down, Tuck pushed back the fake leaf curtain and said,

“Come on.”

He jumped out, grabbing a beam and swinging down to a roof and Tom was shocked. He had never seen anyone do anything like that before and Tuck didn’t even have a paintball gun. Tom ran to the railing and looked over as Tuck yanked a paintball gun from someone, placing his foot against their chest and then shooting them with it. He then leaned on the roof he landed and began firing inside, the screams flowing out as the pop of the paintballs exploded on them.

He then rolled across the roof and got onto his knees, taking accurate, precise shots until he looked over at Tom and said,

“Come on.”

Tom was still standing there, his mouth gaping open as he said,

“Oh! Uh…yeah!”

Tom ran around the railings and down the few steps before he joined Tuck, the both of them crouched down, Tuck holding the paintball gun up as Tom tried to do the same. He stopped when Tuck did and when Tuck heard something, he spun around and fired two shots at some kid and Tom turned around when the kid was already on his ass, shocked and covered in paint. Tuck was already back around, firing off one perfect shot after another, hitting another teenager in the face, though fortunately for him, he was wearing a helmet. He took down his friend beside him and then Tuck kept moving, Tom racing behind him to keep up with him.

Tuck jumped beams, took down other paintballers before they even had the chance to know what hit them and scaled the final wall before he grabbed the opposite team’s flag and then flawlessly jumped down. Tom ran over to him as he said,

“You are scary good at that!”

Tuck was out a breath and covered in sweat as he said,

“Did you see that?”

“That was impressive, holy shit! Where did you learn to do that?”

Tuck feigned catching his breath a moment longer before he answered with a chuckle.

“I play a lot of paintball.”

“Clearly! I tried to have your back but…I couldn’t really get any shots off!”

“Your safety is on.”

“Oh, this thing?”

He held up the gun and Tuck saw it before it even happened and he heard the pop of the gun as he tilted his head just in time to have the paintball whiz by him and explode on the wooden plank behind him. Tom shouted, his gun immediately dropping beside him as Tuck looked surprised and then laughed nervously.

“I told you about keeping that end away from me.”

“Oh God! Oh…are you okay?”

Tuck laughed and nodded.

“Yeah…yeah I’m good. You wanna go get something to eat?”

Tom nodded, a little shaken but then he laughed too and followed Tuck out.


A quote from Tom Hardy made in 2009, one year before he starred in This Means War as Tuck Hansen…..yes, in a romantic comedy.

“I can walk around butt naked, screaming at the fucking moon and smashing bottles over my face, that’s a walk in the park for me! I’ve seen much worse. For me, it’s quite simple, as a child, this is what would scare me. All that dark stuff, is like pantomime to me now. Simple, romantic comedy, I find absolutely fucking terrifying.”