A quote from Tom Hardy made in 2009, one year before he starred in This Means War as Tuck Hansen…..yes, in a romantic comedy.

“I can walk around butt naked, screaming at the fucking moon and smashing bottles over my face, that’s a walk in the park for me! I’ve seen much worse. For me, it’s quite simple, as a child, this is what would scare me. All that dark stuff, is like pantomime to me now. Simple, romantic comedy, I find absolutely fucking terrifying.”


It’s Fate.net -This means war au (FDR/Tuck slash) (by bachaboska1)

I need this movie in my life! Why don’t they make a single guy/guy romantic comedy. This could have been amazing but no…. why not stick Reese Witherspoon in there and ruin everything by making it all about her! GAhhh….