“It is FREEZING outside and you decided to do that polar bear swim crap. You ended up going solo because I thought it was stupid and as you went I stood by with a few towels and now you’re cold as the water you went into and your teeth are chattering really loudly and I’m holding you but I think we’re gonna have to take our clothes off so I can warm you up PROPERLY, y'know,  BEFORE you die of frostbite.” AU

- (@get-glitched)

2016 has been like living through one of Sebastian Stan’s pre-2014 films. Confusing main characters, questionable storyline, you’re left feeling a little stunned by the strangeness of what you just witnessed, you’re not really satisfied by the ending but it still somehow makes sense bc of how weird the rest of it was, but like…at least Sebastian was in it to offer a little bit of light