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Kamigami no Asobi - Character Profiles


These took for-freaking-ever to do. Most of the info comes from the wiki, though I did dive into the manga and the anime for some of it.

The color palettes represent skin, hair, eyes, and character colors.



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  • Thoth: Who broke the coffee maker? I’m not mad, I just want to know who broke it.
  • Yui: I did it, I broke i-
  • Thoth: No you didn’t. Balder?
  • Balder: Don’t look at me. Look at Takeru.
  • Takeru: What? I didn’t break it!
  • Balder: That’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?
  • Takeru: Because it’s sitting right in front of us, and it’s broken!
  • Balder: Suspicious.
  • Takeru: No it’s not.
  • Tsukito: If it matters, Loki Laevatein was the last one to use it.
  • Loki: Liar! I don’t even drink coffee!
  • Tsukito: Really? Then what were you doing?
  • Loki: I use the filters to push back my cuticles, everyone knows that!
  • Yui: Okay, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Thoth-sensei.
  • Thoth: No! Who broke it?
  • Takeru: Apollon's been awfully quiet.
  • Apollon: REALLY?
  • Takeru: YES REALLY!
  • Thoth, while the others argue: …I broke it. It burned my hand so I punched it.

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Kamigami no Asobi Flowers

Hades Aidoneus: Rose and Christmas Rose

o   Rose - (Red) Love, I love you, Respect, Beauty | (Deep Red) Bashful, Shame | (Dark Crimson) Mourning

o   Christmas Rose (Hellebores) - Relieve My Anxiety

Apollon Agana Belea: Sunflower and Margaret

o   Sunflower (Dwarf) - Adoration

o   Margaret (Daisy) - Innocence, Loyal Love, I’ll Never Tell, Purity, Beauty

Takeru Totsuka: Morning Glory, White Clover

o   Morning Glory - Affection

o   White Clover - Think of Me

Tsukito Totsuka: Pollia Japonica, assorted Chrysanthemum

o   Pollia Japonica (Yabumyoga | Spiderwort family) -  Regard, Admiration

o   Chrysanthemum - Abundance & Wealth, Cheerfulness, You’re a wonderful friend

Balder Hringhorni: Arum Lily, Ball Chrysanthemum

o   Arum Lily (Zantedeschia | Calla Lily) - Magnificent Beauty

o   Ball Chrysanthemum - N/A (potentially death)

Loki Laevatein: Dahlia, Allium

o   Dahlia - Dignity and Elegance, Forever Thine

o   Allium (Garlic) - Courage, Strength, Get Well, Ward Off Evil & Illness

Anubis Ma'at: Heliconia, Marigold

o   Heliconia (False Birds of Paradise) - Often given today from a woman to man as a symbol of faithfulness

o   Marigold - Pretty Love, Sacred, Affection, Caress, Sorrow

Thoth Caduceus: Cineraria, Arabian Starflower 

o   Cineraria (Florist’s Cineraria) - Delight

o   Arabian Starflower (ornithigalus arabicia; Star of Bethlehem species) - Innocence, Purity, Honesty, Hope, Forgiveness

Dionysus Thyrsos: Grape, Jasmine

o   Grape - Fertility, Abundance, Transformation, Blessing

o   Jasmine - (Spanish) Sensuality | (White) Amiability

Melissa: Tulip, Lemon Balm

o   Tulip (General) - Perfect Lover, Fame, Flower Emblem of Holland

o   Lemon Balm - Ward Off Evil, Promote Good Health, Love, Cheer

Akira Totsuka: Peony, Sakura

o   Peony - Shame, Happy Marriage, Compassion, Bashfulness

o   Sakura - Kind, Gentle, Education, Beauty of Youth

Thor Megingyoruzu: Wheat, Osmanthus

o   Wheat - Love, Charity, Hard work

o   Osmanthus (osmanthus fragrans) - Love, Romance, Faithfulness

(List: retsuyachan | Victorian-Era Floriography: doyoubelieveinmonsters)


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anonymous asked:

Can I request the greek gods reactions to seeing their s/o dressed up for the first time. Like they've never seen them in a dress? Thank you.

Thanks for the request anon! With this prompt, I also felt like doing the other gods as well so thank you for the inspiration!

<< Greek Gods >>


  • He’s been looking forward to the school formal for months
  • You’ve always just been in school uniform or jeans 
  • So most of his excitement comes from the idea of you wearing a dress
  • When you approach him wearing an ice-blue dress that trails the floor
  • His eyes widen
  • When you ask him what the matter is
  • He tries not to blush
  • But you’ve never seen him smile so much
  • Especially as you dance together
  • At the end of the night, he kisses your hand
  • “Thank you for being my Fairy.”
  • You swat him with your hand
  • But afterwards, his words ring in your head for hours


  • He’s been waiting for you outside your room to escort you
  • And it’s been at least half an hour since he arrived
  • Half an hour since complaints of the impracticality of your chosen dress reached him, unknown to you.
  • Even so, this makes him chuckle to himself.
  • When you finally come out grumbling, you trip over the hem of your dress
  • With a graceful motion, Hades stops you from face-planting
  • “Stupid heels,” you mutter, fiddling with a loose strand of hair.
  • He smiles and tucks it behind your ear:
  • “I’m a lucky man tonight.”


  • The moment he sees you 
  • He clutches his chest with a grin
  • “I must have died long ago to be blessed with the sight of such an angel.”
  • The sight of your face getting redder only makes him more amused
  • He bows and offers his hand
  • “May I have this dance,”
  • You get the feeling he wouldn’t let you say no
  • It is fun however
  • And he doesn’t take his eyes off you for the entire evening.

<< Norse Gods >>


  • He’s staring so much that you’re getting redder with every second
  • Until he suddenly tackles you 
  • Just in time to hear a sloshing sound as a perfectly placed bucket of water spills all over the entranceway of your room.
  • You get to your feet, checking to see that your hair was still in place.
  • “You didn’t?” The accusation widens his cheeky grin
  • Still, at least he pushed you out of the way
  • Because if his prank had soaked you
  • He wouldn’t have lived to laugh at someone else’s gullibility again.


  • He’s always been the one to gift you with beautiful dresses
  • Your favourite of which, you wear now.
  • His gentle smile is practically glowing when he sees you
  • Although it turns into a cool, gaze when he notices others staring with amazement at your appearance.
  • “You look radiant,” he says.
  • When he asks if you’d consider wearing dresses just a bit more frequently
  • It’s hard to refuse him when he looks so hopeful
  • “Maybe.”
  • He laughs and gathers you up in his arms for a dance.

<< Japanese Gods >>


  • He’s such a stammering wreck
  • He’d been waiting for your arrival
  • Ignoring Loki and Apollon’s teasing about how excited he was
  • Even though
  • He really was.
  • Then just as he managed to compose himself
  • You arrived
  • Poor Takeru
  • He’s speechless
  • Just stands there, seemingly entranced
  • Because you look so different.
  • “Uhh… buh, you, what…” seems to be the only sounds he can make.
  • Which to be honest makes you a little self-conscious
  • “I can go and change again,” you offer
  • “No!” He grabs your hand without thinking.
  • “You… You look beautiful,” he admits with a blush.


  • You chose a deep purple dress in honour of the person who had invited you to the dance.
  • And even though this isn’t really your thing
  • Looking at your reflection, you don’t completely hate wearing this dress either.
  • As is what you expected when you see him
  • He stays quiet and studies you with golden-brown eyes
  • His expression seems kind of wishful
  • After a few minutes, you ask him if he’s okay.
  • He nods solemnly, “You reminded me of the moon, so I thought I would try to moon-gaze,”
  • Whether this confuses you or not, the blush creeping into your cheeks is inevitable.