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Kamigami no Asobi Eeveelutions

Yui Kusanagi: Sylveon
Takeru Totsuka: Vaporeon
Tsukito Totsuka: Espeon
Loki Laevatein: Flareon
Balder Hringhorni: Glaceon
Dionysus Thyrsos: Leafeon
Apollon Agana Belea: Jolteon
Hades Aidoneus: Umbreon
Thor Megingyoruzu: Eevee

Eeveelutions chosen based either on aesthetics or elemental correlation.
Who would you chose and why? <3


神々の悪戯InFinite  The Gods and their seiyū


Kamigami no Asobi - Character Profiles


These took for-freaking-ever to do. Most of the info comes from the wiki, though I did dive into the manga and the anime for some of it.

The color palettes represent skin, hair, eyes, and character colors.


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Imagine the gods celebrating pi day because they’re a bunch of nerds.

Like, Yui didn’t even know they’d get this excited.

Tsukito makes it his mission to learn and recite as many numbers of pi as possible (he counts all day while Takeru counts the digits).

Hades bakes the numbers of pi in cookie form (sorry some of them are burnt). Apollon would’ve helped but he was too busy struggling on his pi rap.

Balder goes through and finds every circular piece of meat he can find. Loki skips class because math.

Dionysus brought juice to class because it’s round right? Thor’s finding the diameter or whatever and helping Dee Dee store them more effectively using pi.

Thoth is more or less pleased, it’s the most engagement in class he’s been able to get out of them. Anubis slept the whole day away, but is pleased to find food when he wakes.