Tsuki is the moon God

Signs as Gods/Goddesses
  • Aries: Ares (God of War)
  • Taurus: Osiris (Bull-God, God of the Afterlife)
  • Gemini: Janus (God of Beginnings and Transitions)
  • Cancer: Tsuki-Yomi (God of the Moon)
  • Leo: Helios (God of the Sun)
  • Virgo: Athena (Virgin Patroness of Athens, Goddess of Wisdom)
  • Libra: Maat (God of Justice)
  • Scorpio: Freyja (Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sexuality) or Hades (God of the Underworld)
  • Sagittarius: Jupiter (Lightning God of the Sky)
  • Capricorn: Pan (Satyr God of the Wild)
  • Aquarius: Dionysos (God of Wine, Ritual madness, Theatre)
  • Pisces: Poseidon (God of the Sea)

fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars

oof boy this took a long week of slow and steady work, but it’s finally finished. my gift to @truthbetrayed​ for everything he’s done for me over the past year. we met when i was going through a trying time, and he and quite a few others helped me out when things got even worse this year. of course, i helped him when he was going through his own problems, and i can honestly say that even though we went through a lot of hardships, it helped us grow closer in the process. abel, thank you for being my friend and just…everything you’ve done for me and our whole group. keep on being yourself and being great. <3