I finally got to scanning the SMT1 OST! LAW DISC & CHAOS DISC, because the merchandise must have thematic synergy with the source. The full set of scans is available for viewing at VGMdb. I think you may need to register, but the stuff that’s interesting to the most people is either included above or has already been scanlated by Pepsiman months ago.

The highlight is that short little comic, like the one seen in the MT I&II OST, which seems to have been done by Kaneko himself. Of course, there are the usual comments from the key players as well, but I’ll leave those to the Japanese speakers we have here.


Battle theme from Shin Megami Tensei II, Super Famicom.

  • Alpha
  • Tsukasa Masuko

BlaZeon (ATL-67140), 1992
Tsukasa Masuko

So 80′s rock! Is Mr. Masuko a Journey fan, I wonder? A valiant effort at an electric guitar, and imitating the sound of Technosoft’s games in general. As a synthesist myself, I know how hard it is to program FM. All of my praise and teasing comes from a place of genuine admiration. I love everything I post! Mostly.


Shin Megami Tensei II: Sound Relation scans are finished and uploaded in their entirety to VGMdb!

It’s a really nice soundtrack release, the centerpiece of which is its three separate booklets, the first for the arrangement disc detailing Tsukasa Masuko’s trek in March of 1994 to record it with an orchestra at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios, the second for the original SFC version with comments from Masuko for each track and some SMT2 gameplay tips as filler, and finally a score book for the main battle theme. Sadly, no comics as were seen previously in the Megami Tensei I&II and SMT1 OSTs.

So probably not as interesting as those previous two albums’ liner notes, but still worth seeing (you will need a VGMdb account to view them in full…there’s a ton there). And why not listen to the arranged version while you do?

  • Mola
  • Tsukasa Masuko
  • Megami Tensei II

Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II | Tsukasa Masuko (NES, 1990) | “Mola” 

I had no idea that the Megaten series goes all the way back to the Famicom/NES until last weekend. The Super Nintendo soundtracks of virtually every Megaten game (including its gaiden/spin-offs) are absolutely delicious. AND THEN I FIND THIS.

“Mola” was a rad enough little guy on its own but this version… in touching-polyphonics brilliance with that stupidly sexy sound chip. The drums are squares of hip-hop delight which in turn force you to turn up the bass and get slapped with shards of 8bit waves! What a lover!!