Tokyo Babylon -  “That’s a real nice heart you got there. Would be a shame if someone were to stab it.”

X/1999 -  “im just gonna leave that knife in your ribs for probably forever. idk.”

Duklyon - “Wanna have some FUN???”

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland - “All Are Lesbian.”

Card Captor Sakura - “Magic and cuteness and goodness so pure you’ll bite straight through your lower lip.”

Magic Knight Rayearth - “Yah, magical RPG adventures are fun, but grief, regret and crushing responsibility are great too, right? Right? Right.”

Clover - “My fragile, steam-punk heart bleeds.”

Chobits -  “Your penis just got tricked. Have some emotions instead.”

xxxHOLiC -  “spooky gay boob depression.”

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle -  “Don’t look all betrayed. You knew a storm was coming.”

Legal Drug -  “Oh, I’m sorry, you thought xxxHOLiC was gay? You ain’t seen nothing yet babe.”

Gate 7 -  “Those who don’t learn from history something something.”


Tsubasa Chronicle Month, Day 9 - Universe Alteration (Princess Tsubasa as the clones’ daughter, who are king and queen of Clow Country)


Tried drawing for the first time in a while today, and it didn’t suck too bad on my noggin!

And yeah, the first thing I drew WOULD be Swan Queen. I’ve been wondering for a while what they’d look like as drawn by CLAMP, so I thought I’d give it a shot. (Not that I am anywhere near as skilled as the women of CLAMP.)

There will undoubtedly be more, since drawing Emma in this style is SO much fun. Regina needs more work, but that’ll come.


“You don’t take orders from anyone, do you? Even here, you’ve always been scolded by my sister and worried Souma … And in the end, you’ve always done what you wanted.”

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