hey so the video is shit because it’s on my ipod but the audio is really good and yeah so here’s Alex’s Therapy speech from Friday night at the Spring Fever Tour in Boston. 

His speech was so powerful, and it really focused on how we need to focus on the positive things in life, and leave the negative behind.  He also replaced the last line of the song with ‘and you can learn from your misery’.  It really hit home with me and the thousands of other people in the arena.  Your hard times don’t define you. 

last night, i met my heroes. i had the monitor package, so these four other kids and myself got to go down and meet them right before they went out on stage. they were the nicest guys in the world, and they made sure it wasn’t awkward. then, we were taken to watch them from side stage. as some of you may know, i decided to do something called the “Boston Strong Paper Heart Project” and during “Therapy” everyone would hold up a paper heart with Boston Strong written on it. right before the song, Alex spoke about a family that they had met today who were badly injured in the tragedy. they started playing, and one after another, i saw the hearts go up in the air. i’ve never been more proud of myself, and the people around me. i had to hold myself back from crying. thank you to anyone who held up the hearts and thank you all time low for being there.