Comfort of a Whole Truth

Yesterday afternoon,
when I told my grandparents
that I got my tattoo,
my grandfather told me
he was disappointed.
He’d repeated the words,
“You got a tattoo,” in a voice
that sounded like a half-laugh,
like he didn’t believe I was serious.
My grandfather has always said
that he knows I will never lie to him,
and this is true; why else
would I choose to tell him a truth
that he doesn’t need to know?
Because an untold truth
looks too similar to a lie
for me to feel comfortable.
I’d rather enjoy my grandparents’
I try to explain the thing to him,
and he protests and says he doesn’t care
and I say,
“But I do. And this is important to me
so it should be important to you, too.
I don’t need you to approve,
I just want you to understand.
And I know this will never mean
the same thing to you as it does to me,
but I want you to realise
what that meaning is.”
And he stops moaning for a minute,
and I tell him the story of the tattoo.
I tell him that I’d written the phrase
five long years ago,
and that through everything I’d been through
it had stayed with me.
Two years ago I’d wanted it
but he’d persuaded me not to get it then
and I realised now that then he had been right.
I was not ready; my mantra
would have meant nothing more than
to serve as a reminder of my own
So I waited. Cracked organs
and lost parts of myself we should never
have to lose, but I got through.
I swelled. I grew. I became a
cacophony; an orchestra completely
in tune and I knew it was more truth
than lie. More honest than hypocritical.
I don’t know if he truly understood,
but he told me,
“Georgia, it’s your body,”
as if he truly knew
anything about autonomy.
Today he got over his disappointment.
Instead he said that I was like a sailor
travelling port-to port and I said,
“Yeah, one port of life to another.
What better way to remember
what I’ve seen and
where I’ve been
than to write down the words,
or take a picture?”

akigriffin  asked:

A very vague thing to throw at you to do with as you wish: Les Amis and Superheroes. (Which would be each's favorites, what would their super powers be/how would they use them, short snippet, whatevers)

Anon asked: I don’t know if you had talk about this before but in a Superhero AU whatpowers do you thinks les amis+ company would have?

Anon asked: Do you like marvel? If so or if you’re not too busy could I maybe get some les amis superhero headcanons?

Whenever I think of les Amis with powers, I don’t necessarily think Marvel? If anything, I think Misfits, in which the protagonists get powers after a weird storm and those powers reflect some of their traits. So let’s see:

  • Enjolras can literally charm people. He will bewitch them with his speech, his words, which is basically hypnotising them. He absolutely hates his power because he wants people to listen because they’re convinced and agree with him, not because they’re compelled to!
  • Combeferre has an unlimited memory and never forgets information, which makes him a breathing encyclopedia. In addition to that, he has a photographic memory, so the man ever forgets a thing, which is very convenient at times, very much not at other times
  • Courfeyrac is a natural charmer who can lie his way out of hairy situations. But not only can he lie extremely well, but people cannot lie to him. They’re physically unable to lie to his face. But as we know, some truths are better left untold…
  • Grantaire considers his power to be pretty useless. He can see people’s auras as glowing spheres. But his gift means he knows who the ill-intentioned people are. And there are a lot of ugly and vile souls out there, which made him lose faith in humanity with time. Only recently did he come across a good group of people and one bright golden soul…
  • Joly is a healer, but only through cure-all-kisses. He can heal his patients through his lips, which leads to some very ridiculous or inappropriate situations But he made an oath to help people in need of medical attention…
  • Bossuet spreads luck around, but never towards himself. It’s very inconvenient for him, and he’d have every right to be bitter about it, but he really isn’t. He’s simply happy to see the success around him and knowing he enabled that
  • Jehan is rooted in nature. And sure, that means they can make pretty flowers bloom at will, but they’re not just the pretty side of nature. They’re the sublime side of nature, mixing awe and fear, and provoking their anger is a very dangerous business
  • Feuilly can duplicate himself. It’s extremelly usefull, especially since he’s working several jobs and taking classes at university, so he can do everything at once. No more procrastination
  • Bahorel has herculean strength. He never hesistate to show it off, lifting people up, pulling cars behind him… He calls it his party trick, and he has enough biceps to make it pass as “he just works out a lot”

+And Co

  • Marius has the gift of invisibility. He often wished for that. He constantly thinks people are staring and mocking him and that he’d rather disappear to be left in peace. Careful what you wish for
  • Cosette is the light. The metaphorical light. She just shines on everybody’s best traits and qualities and makes them better people by just being in their presence
  • Musichetta is a clairvoyant, but it’s always too specific for her to act on it. She only sees snippets and the like, nothing she can interpret much, most of the time. She can predict Bossuet’s fits of bad luck though, that’s always that
  • Eponine’s anger makes her shift into a wolf. And she managed her anger very badly
  • Montparnasse is a power dealer. He can’t use any per say, but he can stock them and distribute them for a price, because even powers can become a lucrative business he can profit from
So they said you were a weakling?
What they mean is you’re a weak link:
Your eyes are deep enough to keep
Leages and leages of secrets deep;
Your soul is wide enough to hold
Miles and miles of truths untold;
Your heart is strong enough to bear
Tons and tons of deeds unfair;
Your smile is sharp enough to cut
Through the fabric of the world;
If you’d been born eons ago
They would say that you’re a god;
But they’ve forgotten now to bow;
I think it’s time you show them how.
—  18. 04. 17
The untold truth about Fistulas :)

Let’s get serious for a minute.

What’s a fistula?

An abnormal communication between two epithelialized surfaces.

What’s the most famous examples you know of? perianal fistulas, arteriovenous fistulas, etc.

Normally, fistulas close spontaneously unless FRIENDS come in the way.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S are factors interfering with the natural closure of fistulas.

F Foreign body

R Radiation

I Inflammation/infection

E Epithelialization

N Neoplasm

D Distance (the shorter the worse), Drainage (the lower the output the better, 500mL/d is your cut value), Distal obstruction, Drugs (chemotherapy)

S Steroids

Got it?

The Journal

I’ve written some stuff recently about how the Journal hasn’t really been John’s journal for a long time. Since s1, it’s been referred to as “John’s journal,” but really, Dean has taken over conservatorship of the journal. He’s the official curator, and we’ve been led to believe that he’s, for the most part, the one who has continued keeping it current.

When we first saw it in the pilot, this is what it looked like:

Only a day or two later, in 1.02, the journal has already been transformed. All the photos, all the other loose bits of paper and clippings and things just stuffed in there have been reorganized, removed, refiled. It’s been pared down substantially.

Dean’s spent the last 11 years slowly transforming John’s original journal into something entirely different. We know he’s been continuously adding to it, especially after 7.11 when a lack of the most updated information on Vetalas nearly cost Sam his life. I’m pretty sure if nothing else, THAT would’ve inspired Dean to update the journal and keep it current, you know?

This is what it looks like today:

All the loose newspaper clippings have been tidied up. From what I remember in the early days of the show, those were mostly John’s unsolved cases. Things that had been left hanging that he was using as a distraction to keep Sam and Dean busy enough to stay out of trouble while he hunted for Azazel on his own.

The Woman in White had been a long-term open case. The Wendigo, too, was a generational case that John distracted Sam and Dean with, which they’d found IN THE JOURNAL. 

Strangely enough, the first case that Sam and Dean found on their own, independent of John’s journal, was 1.03 Dead in the Water. With a little boy named Lucas (just like the little boy in 12.03). Dean found them that case. On his own. Lest we forget the gift that is Dean circling potential cases in the paper:

It was the first time they went literally off book. They’d already ditched all the research and extraneous notes from the two unsolved cases John had sent them on. Dean had already begun the process of making that journal his own. Beginning with THIS CASE in 1.03. With a boy named Lucas, a mysterious reference to a “bike” (which I think is another reference to the black motorcycle that Dean commented on in passing in 12.03. And rather than make yet another post about that bike, it was also a reminder of 1.03, and another case that revolved around parents and children and lies and secrets and untold truths and “the story became the story” until the dam broke and the lake drained and all those hidden things from the past suddenly returned to the surface…) I mean really. PARALLELS TO THE PAST! But in a decidedly more mature fashion. The bicycle in 1.03 and the motorcycle in 12.03. Things are similar, but not the same now.

Sam and Dean spent the next little run of episodes finding their own cases again, adding things to the journal, updating it, making it more relevant to THEM (I say Sam and Dean but it’s usually Dean we see with the journal, and attached to it more personally than Sam).

It becomes painfully and personally relevant again in 1.09 Home. And then again in 1.10 Asylum (yet another of John’s old cases he sends them to solve for him). Same in 1.11 Scarecrow. At this rate they’re really beginning to tidy that thing up. 1.12 Faith brings the journal up in a new way. Sam was using it as a resource to help him find a way to heal and save Dean. We have no idea of knowing if the hunt for the rawhead that injured Dean had been another of John’s cases, but considering their previous run, it’s not unlikely.

Sam and Dean, toward the end of s1, then began learning more about demons, predominantly from Bobby. Which leads me to assume that there hadn’t been much in the journal about demons at all. Which is kind of odd knowing how much of John’s search for the thing that killed Mary had been focused specifically on the fact that he KNEW it was a demon. Yet Sam and Dean had been sidelined with all the cases in the journal that John had conveniently left lying around a motel room for them. Almost like he’d specifically left out a lot of crucial data.

He didn’t want them involved in the hunt for Yellow Eyes. He wanted to protected them by sending them out on hunts he knew they could handle. But the demons came after THEM, and when they needed fast help to learn wtf they were doing dealing with demons at all, they turned to Bobby.

I’m SURE that Dean has added pages and pages of useful info on demons. Because I’m equally sure that JOHN never included it.

What I’m getting at here is that it fundamentally irks me every time we call it “John’s journal.” It hasn’t been Johns since he left it behind for Dean in 1.01. After 11+ years, Sam and Dean (but especially Dean) have made it their own.

What Mary’s reading isn’t so much about John as it is about Sam and Dean. Yes, there seems to be a portion of it at the beginning where he recorded everything he went through after Mary’s death and his first forays into the supernatural, what life was like for him and the boys over the intervening years, but I think it’s been a LONG time since it was used as a journal in that sense, of recording a single person’s personal thoughts and feelings and observations.

When we think of the journal now, how it’s evolved over the course of the series, it’s become more of a handbook on the supernatural than a reflection on John.

I almost said “its original owner” there in the previous sentence, but changed it to John. Because John wasn’t even the original intended owner of that journal. It’s Henry’s initials inscribed inside the cover, and he’d ordered it to be his journal as a Man of Letters. Strange, though, how over the years it’s finally evolved to serve its original purpose. John may have used it as a means of recording more personal events in the beginning (taking Dean shooting, and eventually taking him out drinking…), but that’s not what the journal is today. Dean’s accepted his legacy, and made it a repository of knowledge.

No wonder Mary’s having such a hard time reconciling its contents with the husband she lost.

Untold truths

Can you do an imagine where you and Taylor Caniff are fighting and he tells you to leave. You do, but you leave without telling him you’re pregnant?

Taylor and I have been together for about two years now. Since the day I met Taylor he has been nothing but the little ray of sunshine in my life. He was always positive, always went out of his way to make me happy. Although he denys it when I tell him, he was perfect in my world.

lately I haven’t been able to pin point the reason why but Taylor and I have been fighting. not huge arguments like the one we were having right now but more of like simple, petty arguments like who gets to pay for dinner or how close he gets to his fans at some points of his career. but this one, this one seemed different. I felt as if I was going to lose something, you know that feeling where you know you’re going to loose an argument but you keep on going? yea something like that. and how ironic was that example, i mean am I right. anyway I know that I should probably do something to end this fight, I mean its not good for me or…..whatever he gender is.

“COME ON Y/N HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU! YOU HAVE TO STOP LETTING THE BOYS FLIRT WITH YOU LIKE THAT!” Taylor yelled with rage visible in his eyes and voice. you see earlier when we were out to lunch with Jack J, Nate, John and Dillion Sam bumped into us and began giving me simple compliments such as “I like what you’ve done with your hair” or you look really good. you should wear skirts more often” I mean I have to agree with him on that one, I hardly wear skirts and all of my friends seem to like it, not only Sam. However, I think the one that really pushed Taylor off the edge was when Sam said that if Taylor had waited another minutes too late he would have tried to get with me. I mean I get why Taylor got upset but come one, this IS Sam Wilkinson we’re talking about here.

“Babe calm down! please” I tried to plea with him. “You are overreacting just a little” “OVERREACTING! OVER REACT- ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS Y’/N WERE YOU NOT THERE EARLIER” yup I screwed up by sayng that.

“Taylor I’m just saying that maybe you shouldn’t take everything the guys say literal that’s all” “Honestly I can’t believe you right now. you want me to be okay with my “friends” flirting with my GIRLFRIEND right in front of my face but you can’t be okay with me kissing a fans cheek once in a while!?” okay wtf! “Okay Taylor I get that you’re pissed but you know that those are two completely different situations altogether!” Yet right!!!” Sarcasm was completely evident in his voice “Like me kissing a fans cheek is a way of me showing my appreciation of how they have helped me to geth to where I am today in my life and you, you always allowing and contributing to my friends flirtatious gestures is just your way of being a big fucking slut!!!” Wow. Okay. that definitly crossed the line. 

“wow Taylor. really mature of you” “says the girl wh-” I’ve had enough of his disrespect for one night “SHUT UP TAYLOR!!!! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR ONCE!!! I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED TO US TONIGHT BUT HIS IS OUT OF HAND!!!!! YOU FUCKING CALLED ME A SLUT ARE YOU FOR REAL RIGHT NOW! I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE MAD ABOUT THE SITUATION BUT THAT WAS WAY TOO FAR EVEN FOR YOU IM DONE WITH YOUR SHIT! WHEN YOU GROW UP YOU CAN CALL ME AND WE CAN HAVE A MATURE CONVERSATION” I didnt even give him time to respond. I marched upstairs, however I was indeed without a doubt out of breathe byt he time I made it to the top. Making my way to our shared bedroom I packed a bag for the night and called my best friend, asking if i could stay the night but sparing her the details on why. Byt he time as I was ready to leave Taylor was in the kitchen drinking some sort of beverage”is there anything you want to say before  leave for the night?” “yea, I do actually. You’re gonna need more than one bag because we’re done. I want you out for good. Goodbye y/n” I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I had been shot in the stomach. twice. 

I walked out of the home that I had once shared with taylor. I cant belive that our relationship ended over one fight. one fight which also ended with him not even knowing that his child had inhabited in the safety of my womb. waiting for the day that they would emerge into the world to see me, but not their father.

Being with you was like the gentle breeze that blows off the ocean and feeling the faint spray of salty tears the earth has shed kiss my cheek. You sting my eyes with empty promises, untold truths, and vanishing acts. I miss running from the world with you until the horizon line slowly faded from view. That feeling of freedom, connecting with another human soul, and love. Love. I miss it. I miss you.
—  10:34pm thoughts// not about anyone in particular…

man of steel showed us all the elements that went into creating superman’s code. 

batman v superman showed up how superman responded to that code being questioned, and how his belief in his code was renewed. 

we’ve seen superman’s code in action a hundred times over. what zack snyder’s vision brings us is the untold truths of the story, the kind of background that gets discussed by theorists who take apart the code that we as audiences usually take for granted when looking at superman. 

it was wonderful for all the supermans of history to show us a man living that perfection, having a strong foundation that he can rely on for his beliefs in the face of adversity. but there was love and struggle that was put into making that foundation as strong as it is, that it held up to the tests of all the struggles that past superman movies have brought up. 

and we finally get to see those struggles on screen, rather than showing us the finished product and letting us take for granted that it was always there. zack snyder’s movies have shown us how superman’s code was born, built, and rebuilt, to the unbeatable strength that we’re used to seeing. 

and justice league will show us how the strength of that code inspired others. 

e-i-n-n-o-v  asked:

How do art and spirituality relate to each other?

Both art and spirituality engage the sense of reality that is beyond words and descriptions. 

There is a quote attributed to Picasso: “Art is a lie that tells the truth.”

The point of art is not the created piece itself but rather what it evokes within you when you behold it. Art can cause new energies to enter our world and open the path for revelation and insight. Art can also contain the perspectives of our own spiritual revelations and share their vibrations with others. However, the piece of art is not the truth, it is a lie. "Ceci n'est pas une pipe,” as it were. 

The truth is untold and untellable. But it is very experienceable, more real than our words and mind. Truth is the same thing as Existence, referred to in certain scriptures as “an endless mass of Being-Consciousness-Bliss.”

If there is a language for the scripture of spirituality, it would be art. Because all spiritual teachings are lies. 

Sri Ramana Maharshi: “All is Self.”

Buddha: “All is Emptiness.”

Neither are incorrect. 

Only in the art of art are paradoxes resolved into the beautiful mass of our consciousness. The false and small character of our egos are known to be themselves nothing but pieces of art. Not the truth but rather our own lies we use to tell the truth. 

Do you feel a sudden welling of love? Good. Love the Love.