Guys i’m gonna need another photo reel ending in YOI

but this time from their wedding reception, after the final episode that will end when they kiss at their wedding OF COURSE  pls yoi production team i’m begging also pics of the honey moon hell yeah

can their first dance be on the ice? pair skate in their wedding duds? pls can that be a thing?

so YEAH reception photo reel. shenanigans ensue once more! 

Yurio wants a rematch against Yuuri

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Chris brings out the trusty ol’ portable stripper pole again ( i stg that’s how it randomly appeared at this professional business function LOL) 

Phichit is in charge of photography and is taking 3,000 pictures a second because he totally plans making a full-on documentary of the infamous love story of Victor and Yuuri and damnit the whole world is gonna SEE THEIR LOVE

Georgi has his new boo

Leo is the DJ


JJ is pouting cuz he was totally upstaged

and this time Katsuki will be sober enough to remember everything 

Maccachin is the ring bearer by the way 

and then 2016 will be saved. THE END

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We’ve got to make an RPG where all the items are taken from, and described in the style of, a hammacher schlemmer or skymall catalog

For a speedy getaway, a dashing rogue dons their:

The mighty summoner, from the depths of the Catalog calls forth for just $399.95,

And the alchemist, of course cannot do without

And every party needs a healer, with

It is a long journey ahead! We’ll go forth in

To cleverly lure our foes, we’ll make use of

and once all is done, knock back at the pub with the help of

but in a pinch, we’ll pull our our trusty

stick which we bought for only $69.95, to make short work of the enemy!


My trusty translators are all quite busy with exams right now so we are pressed for time to release the next issue of the magazine (another side project from this blog)

If you are interested in participating as a translation intern (Spanish to English and English to Spanish) please contact me ASAP. We are a small project with limited resources and a small team so all the help we can get is extremely appreciated.

As an intern, we list you in the magazine & you can include it in your CV/resume. This is an unpaid internship (sorry, I don’t get any moneys out of this either haha).



Live the life of space captain Flinthook! Armed with your mighty hookshot, your uncanny slow-motion powers and your trusty blasma pistol, plunder and fight your way through an infinite variety of randomly-assembled spaceships for treasure, loot and fame! 

Flinthook is a game I designed at Tribute Games, coming in 2017!

@lenalis What I have learned so far is that the taller they are, the less trustworthy they are. Only trusty tall plumber in Luigi.

And to ask in advance as to what will be shut off/continue to be shut off (if you decide to get a second opinion) in regards to their inspection.

Since they came by today and now we can only use the toilet and outside hose. No shower or sinks at all. They also didn’t mention that until they were leaving.

Commission for Solar D

Oh GOD December is even more of a nightmare than I expected but I’m going to rush to finish the ones I have for this batch once and for all by the end of this month! So I hope for those still waiting for your turn to be just a little more patient! A little longer! I’ll get this done! 

But yes this time, lovely Solar D from devART commissioned me herself in the XY’s Ace Trainer’s outfit with her trusty cubone!

Poses are loosely based by existing sprites in all Pokemon games (wanted to give it a more ‘official’ feel to the sprites so I based their style and pose on existing sprites!)

Character © Solar D

Gothic Bastard Sword Umbrella

Vanquish unpleasant weather with a mighty swing of your trusty gothic bastard sword umbrella. The handle is shaped like a medieval sword hilt with metallic finish and leather grip that prop up a massive 41″ diameter umbrella ideal for keeping you dry and slaying orcs.


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Epic Things To Buy

Level 60

Camerin hit Ninja 60, finally! She’s putting her rifle, Fortune, to rest… and going back to her trusty daggers, Rhyme and Reason.

And, as she wore before taking on the name of Camerin Gilheart, has fished out her old sky pirate outfit, to boot.


Bringing Body Love Into Dance Class: A New Way of Teaching

by Amanda Trusty

We giggle a lot when we talk about our muscles and our imagery, but while we are at the barre and we are dancing, everyone is extremely focused on using their new muscle memory to their advantage. It’s amazing to me to see these girls self-correct themselves without me ever saying “suck it in” or “tuck under.”

All I have to say is, “where’s your tailfeather headed?” and the plié changes drastically. Say, “I can’t see what color your necklace is” to a student, and watch their posture change immediately.

My goal is to teach the girls all the amazing things their bodies can do, and I never bring attention to their weight or their body type. In fact, just this past week, we started a new exercise at the barre where I ask each girl what her favorite part of her body is. Most said legs, some said arms, and next week I’ll ask them for a different one. If we start encouraging these young ladies to love their bodies now, the Photoshopped magazines and the Hollywood red carpet will take a longer time to affect them.

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“One of my favourite “parental bonuses” in Disney films has to be one of the lesser known ones. As a child, I always wondered why Jock and Trusty wanted to propose to Lady towards the end of the film. Then I grew up and read the almost-confirmed theory that Lady become pregnant with Tramp and thus one of her friends would marry her to “save her honor”. Mind. Blown.”