“Central”. Currently holidaying, but I’ve got my trusty X-T1 with me so I’ll post when I can. Staying in Newcastle at the moment, and I’m stoked with all of the opportunities I’m seeing for photographing night and urban scenes. Here we have a train, which we took from Sydney to Newcastle. I love the nuanced differences when you travel, like the novelty of a train that looks slightly different to the ones you see at home.

Mountains for days. Our friend @kylesford is all about that frontier life, taking it all in on location in Oregon with his trusty m3 and a nicely aged antique tan spring clip strap in tow.

#legacyshooters #headoutshootfilm (at Wallowa Lake, Or)

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any good online places to buy makeup (thats not gunna leave me broke lol)? bc i really wanna splurge and treat myself but also don't want to b homeless u feel ?? but also rly need a new blush so any recommendations would be gud :>

if you’re looking for korean makeup, i always buy from ebay! f2plus1 or beautnetkorea are very trusty stores. gmarket is also good and ships fast, except shipping is quite expensive. as for blushes, recently i’ve been really obsessed with too faced blushes… they are expensive but a really good treat for yourself!!! :’)


Bringing Body Love Into Dance Class: A New Way of Teaching

by Amanda Trusty

We giggle a lot when we talk about our muscles and our imagery, but while we are at the barre and we are dancing, everyone is extremely focused on using their new muscle memory to their advantage. It’s amazing to me to see these girls self-correct themselves without me ever saying “suck it in” or “tuck under.”

All I have to say is, “where’s your tailfeather headed?” and the plié changes drastically. Say, “I can’t see what color your necklace is” to a student, and watch their posture change immediately.

My goal is to teach the girls all the amazing things their bodies can do, and I never bring attention to their weight or their body type. In fact, just this past week, we started a new exercise at the barre where I ask each girl what her favorite part of her body is. Most said legs, some said arms, and next week I’ll ask them for a different one. If we start encouraging these young ladies to love their bodies now, the Photoshopped magazines and the Hollywood red carpet will take a longer time to affect them.

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“Patches never lost heart, and never looked back. He marched in one direction, and that direction was dead ahead. Did you see him passing by?”

Patches’ Ashes Item Description, Dark Souls III