“Happy Valentine’s Day, (y/n)!” -11th

“Doctor, you came as you promised!”

“Of course I came. Trust me, I’m the Doctor.” -11th *smiling*

“Well, what would you like to do on this Valentine’s Day? through time and space like always?” -11th

“No, no this time. Doctor, stay with me for tonight.”

“As you wish, my love.” -11th *Gives kiss for your forehead*

“Oi! I almost forgot. Here you go, gift for you. It’s really cool one!” -11th

“For me?!”

“Yes absolutely for you. Now you have your own sonic screwdriver so you don’t have to steal mine. Have to confess that yours is much more cooler than mine.” -11th

“I love you Doctor, so much.Thank you!” *hugging tightly*

“I love you too (y/n). With all my hearts and don’t never doubt that.” -11th

“I won’t, never.”